ByRJ Jallorina, writer at
a kid from Phillipines that love movies, basketball, and sitcom shows and likes eating Italian food every day and travrling to many places.

The NBA is one of the biggest sports channels in the century so it would not be fun if we don't add any thrill in to the sport and league it self.

so let's start off with the main character himself, we all know that in the 1996 film they made Jordan as there main character, but today there planning to make Kobe or Lebron but in today NBA there are many haters who reject that.

And now let's go to the monstars

1. Nate Robinson: Actually nate is a good fit for this movie cause his skills and height might be a good deal in the movie, just adding good make up that looks like an rad alien it might be great.

2. Blake Griffin: We all know that blake has really great acting skills due to commercial training so blake might be a really good factor for this movie and also might be the comedian in it.

3. Chris Bosh: Considering bosh stage is "the dinosaur bosh" I think he might fit in the movie and also a good fellow to his team mates hi might be great

thats all I have for today tahk you.


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