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Actor Kevin Costner told Larry King during a recent episode of Larry King Now that he still has another baseball movie in him.

Costner is no stranger to the world of sports movies having starred in Field of Dreams, Bull Durham, For Love of the Game, and Tin Cup.

Costner was on the show with King this past week to talk about his new movie, Criminal, with co-star Gary Oldman.

Costner was vague about the details while talking with the veteran newsman but would only go on to say that it has to do with the Chicago Cubs.

You can watch the video above but the following is the transcript:

Larry: You’re still a baseball nut?

Kevin: I still play. I’ve never been a fanatic, I’m a fan.

Larry: You’ve made some great baseball movies.

Kevin: Yeah, I’ve enjoyed making them.

Larry: Field of Dreams, classic. Best baseball movie. Bull Durham

Kevin: Yeah, love of the game. I’ve enjoyed it. I got one more in me.

Larry: What are you gonna do?

Kevin: I’m not gonna tell you, Larry.

Larry: You’re not gonna tell me?

Kevin: I think I have one more in me. It has to do with the Cubs.

Larry: Oh so you are gonna do it?

Kevin: I don’t know, I gotta get it written.

When it comes to sports movies, whatever Kevin Costner chooses to do will certainly draw the interest of baseball fans.

Starring Costner, Gary Oldman, Tommy Lee Jones, Alice Eve, Michael Pitt, Jordi Mollà, Antje Traue, Scott Adkins, Amaury Nolasco, Danny Webb, Colin Salmon and Gal Gadot, Criminal opened nationwide in theaters on Friday.

Hosted by King, Larry King Now is available to watch on Ora TV, Hulu and RT. New episodes air Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


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