ByAzell Edwards, writer at

As a child I always enjoyed the comic book since I was introduced to them in grade school by my teacher Mrs. Jeske. From that day on I love reading the stories of one fate or ghostly experience. Then came the TV show on cable and I was like a kid in a candy store. I couldn't wait to finish my work from college to run and grab some junk to eat and enjoy this creature tell stories of horror. It was like the pages had jumped to life and in Technicolor. The series was very good and my friends in college were hooked too. From 1989 to 1996 this series was our walking dead with a zombie being a narrator. I love how the stories were fresh and new but stuck to the comic book ways. These are the reasons why TV and that show struck us with such a memory we still talk about today. Its was like the twilight zone but edge smart to keep you guessing and scare you so much you left the lights on well after midnight. The movies were cool too. Now I hear m.night shyamalan is taking on the task to bring that goodness back in a new era. I'm hoping that he uses the same skills the writers used in the comics and original show. No flash but good story telling that my generation was use to. He can tell a good story whether that translates to the small screen is anyone guess. But if he pulls this off I'll be a fan all over again and I'll keep the light on til the morning.


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