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Most of us have watched almost all of the Super-Hero movies made till date. Starting from Chris Reeves as Superman to Bale as Batman to Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. As time has progressed, so has the mind-blowing factor in the Super-Hero movies, which obviously includes the effects too. Personally, Deadpool's the best Super-Hero movie which I've watched in awhile. Reasons? Scroll down.

1. The Suit.

What makes a Super-Hero is his Suit. Remember the bat-nipples in the Clooney Batman? Well, that's a NO-go. But the Deadpool Suit? Perfection. It has EVERYTHING the Comics portrayed, the utility belt with the Pool-Cool logo to the proper swords he used. What more can fans want than to see their favorite Super-Heroes come to life? Right?

2. Effects.

Every single action scene in the movie from the beginning till the end was portrayed amazingly through special effects, which in turn filled Deadpool lovers with nostalgia and a LOT of adrenaline.

3. Comedy.

Deadpool is over-abundant when it comes to comedy. Every word out of Deadpool's mouth makes you laugh your butt off. Remember the dialogue? 'Guys, I just have 12 bullets, so you have to share'. That's the scene some time around the opening. And that was the moment that defined Ryan Reynolds as the PERFECT Deadpool. He even makes witty comments on his Green Lantern movie. In a scene where Wade was just about to be tortured and tied to a bed, he tells Francis(Ajax), 'Please don't make my suit Green or Animated'. If that ain't amazing sense of humor, then what is?

4. Dialogues and an ensemble casting.

Apart from being funny, the dialogues had its effect. The language was vulgar, but necessary vulgar. Wade Wilson was in the Special Forces, he was trained to be skilfully savage, so is his language. I mentioned ensemble cast as they didn't put too many X-Men to build up the movie. Just two X-Men were used as Pool's side-kicks, showing proper and limited use of characters makes a movie better.

5. Ryan Reynolds.

Deadpool wouldn't have been Deadpool if not for Ryan Reynolds. He just was too amazing to be argued upon. His dialogue delivery, comic timing, expressions, his voice throw was not only Amazing but also Perfect.


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