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Jesus, who in the world could have predicted that [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) would be such a clusterfuck of story, and characters. Superman is the most critisized character, being said to be a depressed killer alien, than the Supes that we all know and love, but that's debatable.

Expectations were high for this movie, so high in fact, that people said that the DC Extended Universe would beat Marvel's, which could very well happen, and i do believe it, since i think Marvel's universe is getting repetitive and boring, but BvS is said to have killed some people's hope over the DCEU, i expected a much more better movie, a movie with less plot holes, and dumb character decisions (Martha etc.) but we got an alright film, and one if it's positives was that it followed the comics well, adapting The Dark Knight Returns and The Death Of Superman, very goddamn well, but it crammed those two iconic storylines in a way, it seemed annoying.

But let's take one thing out of this movie, that EVERYONE agrees is the best thing about this DCEU.

Ben Affleck's Batman/Bruce Wayne

When Ben Affleck was first cast as Batman everyone went berserk, and for reasons i kinda understand, even though i supported the casting from the beggining, that Daredevil was his first supehero role..and it sucked, and people were worried he might ruin Batman, which he didn't.

He fights like Batman, sounds, looks and feels like Batman, hell the suit is the best one in live action, but people still crapped on him, but now, everyone says they should post-pone Justice League, and give him his solo movie, which is correct, imagine Hush adapted by Affleck. Pure comic book magic.

And the other good thing to come out is..

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

Fans also raged when Gal Gadot was cast as Wonder Woman, because of.....her tits. Yeah, i am not making this up, they raged because her boobs weren't big enough, like, that's a stupid reason, but i kinda get it.

And she blew it out of the park, with her screen presence being powerful as hell, and Gal Gadot is a beautiful woman, and while her acting needs a bit work, she's mostly great, and her theme is the bomb!

And the biggest thing i hated:

Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor:

Lex Luthor is seen as this quiet, evil man, right? Not some Joker dickhead wannabe, and the latter was shown to us in this movie, and...i don't understand why? What's wrong with the normal Lex? Why cast Eisenberg, who i always thought as a bit of a prick, cast as this beloved antagonist of Superman in the DCEU, maybe Lex Luthor Sr. can be ressurected as Bryan Cranston, then give this asshole a kick in the...well, ass.


Maybe Batman v Superman wasn't the best movie in the world, but it showed that the DCEU can still be strong and survive, and Suicide Squad will maybe restore hope in the critics minds about the DCEU.

Thanks for reading, sound of in the comments, mate.


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