ByCarl Ängehagen, writer at

There are many theories regarding who will kill the other. But here is what i think.

Both heroes are practically immortal. Both Superman's skin is impenetrable and The Hulk's. But who would win? Let's see the advantages each hero has:

Superman: He can fly, he can shoot lasers with his eyes, he is more agile and he is stronger than The Hulk at first.

The Hulk: His size, he doesn't care if he kill Superman and he could become stronger than Superman if he got mad enough.

Now let's see what weaknesses each hero has:

Superman: Kryptonite and a Red Sun.

Hulk: He has no weakness.

So if my calculations are right.... It would be a draw! Both character are strong. Superman can fly and Hulk can jump really far. Superman's skin is impenetrable and Hulk's skin is impenetrable.

Both characters will wear each other down till the very end and then probably they would stop fighting. Thanks for reading this article :)


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