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A lot of articles say that "Teen Wolf" season 6 will be the last season. Why? Jeff said "Who knows". Doesn't mean it will be the last season. If it does end up true. That's because MTV didn't want another season. If the ratings go up, or don't go down by much. The show might go on beyond season 6. It's all about how good it is. So don't you think it's the last, till it's confirmed.

This are not the opening titles, but it could be very similar according to Palameros! Palameros had an interview with Ross, one of the writers of the show. He told Palameros "We don't really know who's going to be in the opening credits, we've got 5 or even 6 people that will make it for sure, but they could be joined by 2 or 3 more. Who knows? But it could end up being Khylin Rhambo and Victoria Moroles, or Ryan Kelley and Cody Christian. I don't know what will happen. But i wanted it to be like still the older type of people. Ryan Kelley is 99% joining in, he was in 18 or 19 episodes of the 20 last season, he actually replaced Derek Hale for some fans. And who knows? Maybe he returns? We really don't know, we wait like 6, 7 episodes and then we say "make something cool with these people". We still have places to fill in episode 1 and 2. While we're filming episode 3 right now, Tyler already filmed some of episode 4."

If any of this is true, we don't know, but this could be very cool. He didn't finish there, we also got something of the plot, Palameros asked Ross "What is the plot of season 6A" and he told Palameros "I might get fired for saying this, it's not really the plot, but i can give you something. Scott, Stiles and his pack face one of their biggest threats yet, but it's not the only one. While some of them feel anxiety in school and some of them haven't really talked in a while, their friendships will be tested. Stiles faces something very big and doesn't know what to do, while he and Lydia move forward. Malia is trying to figure out her powers, but she needs help. A mystery happen in Eichen House and the sheriff station has difficult times. What is Scott going to do? Jordan Parrish struggles with his day job and night job. While some deputies are asking questions."

We don't know if this is true, but with this we didn't get a lot more, but it looks cool. While Ross also teased us with Liam accelerating towards becoming an Alpha, "It is true, but it's not the same as with Scott."

Fans expect Theo Raeken back in Episode 3, while some articles say he might be the intro of season 6A. While we wait for anything like that.

Jeff said that we don't have to put our heads down for Derek Hale, "If he wants to return, he will be back." So who knows who will pop up in season 6? While Alisha Boe and Pete Ploszek are the only confirmed new members of the cast. 2 other teenagers and 3 or 4 other villains will be casted. While Ian Bohen is already confirmed for season 6. Daniel Sharman and Jeff Davis have been seen talking on set. This means nothing yet. Chris Argent, Deucalion and more people will return for season 6. While JR Bourne isn't expected in 50% of the episodes, the reason? He's filming the pilot of Prototype soon. By the time Season 6B starts, he might be filming Prototype's first season. While Deucalion might only be back for 1 episode. The 3 new teenagers aren't expected to be in every episode, but maybe 12 out of 20. Linden Ashby will be a lot in the new season.

Matthew Del Negro teased a return of Rafael McCall in 2015, we didn't see him in season 5, but season 6 isn't done filming yet.

Season 6 is expected to be very different from season 1,2,3A,4 and 5A. While it will still be different from season 3B and 5B, we'll see some of the same comedy and genres. Dark, mysterious, mythologies. So it's different. Very different. Something they didn't do before.

Season 7, if it happens or not, 2 possibilities have been rumored. Ross told Chris Posts that they look a lot online and if the older cast doesn't go, it's possible they do something like Glee have done. After that a movie is possible. What could lead into season 8 or the end. While Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Malia and maybe Theo and Isaac move to a new town. Worse than Beacon Hills. Liam, Corey, Hayden, Mason, Sheriff Stilinski, Deputy Valerie Clarke, Deputy Strauss, Jordan Parrish, Melissa McCall, Dr. Alan Deaton, Dr. Geyer and more would continue in beacon Hills, with a possible move of Brett. While Deputy Strauss is rumored to move to the new town for a development. It could still be 41 minutes, while Ross teased us with, "I would love to get the full 60 minutes for this, or at least 55." That could be easier for having those switches and make them cross paths more. While he also said "Stiles? He has to stay, Dylan wouldn't leave. But Holland Roden, Shelley Hennig, and if Cody and Daniel return, they might only return for a season. So what would we do? We would make them leave for college and guest role, while Cody and Daniel wouldn't be involved anymore, probably. But we would see Scott move into a Derek role, but in college, same for Stiles, they would still be in Beacon Hills and be in touch with the other part of the pack. While the new Alpha Liam, Hayden, Mason, Corey and Brett take over. We really want to build a whole werewolf pack, so Mason and Corey watch out." This would mean that 7 or 8 people hit the main cast in season 7 and 8. While he also teased us with a return of Jackson Whittemore. "If that happens, if they really move away, we need something big for season 7, like a 12 episode season 7 and have Colton Haynes return for 10 episodes."

Again all of this could be fake.

So what do we know more? That it will be very different and some possibilities can be expected.

Teen Wolf is set to premiere this fall or this June.


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