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I like to review things like The flash, and other things. I post 3 times a week, so make sure to check my profile in case I posted.

Since the new episode "Versus Zoom" will come out next week, I think we should review the top 5 moments of the latest episode of the flash!

5) Barry talks to Eobard about time wraiths

"Now the time wraith is after someone who's traveled through time. And doesn't know what they're doing" -Eobard telling Barry about time wraiths

This part really helped piece together why the time wraith was there, and what it was. It was also nice to see Barry try to phase threw the handcuffs, and Harrison Wells/Eobard thawne, run again. Also, it's a little freaky how you can hear Harrison Wells/Eobard thawne speaking in an almost whisper voice, compared to his regular speaking.

4) Barry fights his past self

"I don't understand, you're me!" -Past Barry to Future Barry

The part where he fights his past self is really cool because you can see how much more experienced and tactical Future Barry is than past Barry. I was a little confused on why the other 2 times that he traveled back in time, he didn't see his past self, but this was definitely a good added bonus.

3) The time wraith invades past S.T.A.R Labs

"Holy Harry Potter!" -Hartley describes the time wraith

It was cool seeing the 3 of them work together even though they were worst enemies. You could see how powerful the time wraith was when it smashed the glass of the cell that even Barry Allen couldn't get out of.

2) Hartley saves Barry's Life and joins Team Flash

"Oh hey Barry. How was your trip?" -Hartley to Barry after he came back from the past

At first, I thought Hartley was Harrison Wells, but then I realized I was completely wrong, and the time wraith experience brought Hartley to Team Flash. You could even see how Hartley styled his hair way differently then he did before. Also, when the Time wraith caught Barry, you could see Barry's life force draining away, and I was pretty sure he would have been dead, if Hartley had just waited a few seconds.

1) Cisco tries to discern which one is the real Barry and which one is the imposter

"Imposter!" -Cisco gets confused at which Barry is which

Now, the final moment is here! If you watched this episode(or this video) and you look closely, in the beginning when the past barry runs in, saying, "Where is he! Where is the other flash!" you can see Eobard thawne/Harrison Wells face palm. Also, you can see all the characters from the past disagreeing with their future selves like Caitlin saying that she didn't make a tranquilizer dart for Barry. You can also see Eobard thawne/Harrison Wells trying to stop Barry from saying too much.

Final Comments:

Thank you all for checking out my post, if you keep on wanting me to do these, just post a comment below of which episode you want me to do, and I will do it! If you have any questions, feel free to post it below in the comments! Again, thank you all for checking this out. I hope you have a great day!


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