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'We are all serving a life sentence in the dungeon of the self.'

Cyril Connolly

The imprisonment of Job is really a metaphor for the mental and psychological prisons that most of the Banshee characters inhabit. Hood blames himself for not being able to find Job, so he hides away in a cabin for 20 months: that's his self-imposed prison. Carrie is still haunted by the death of Gordon at Genoa, so she hides away in their house, taking on vigilante justice at night in his name.

Proctor is devastated by the death of Rebecca and the dysfunctional psycho-sexual relationship he had with his niece, so he picks up a runaway teen as a surrogate. And when she tries to steal from him he attempts to end her life, seeing Rebecca's face as he tries to choke the life out of Jennifer the runaway. Thankfully Jennifer escapes, but the profound grief and agony for Proctor remains.

With all it's blood soaked action and carnage, this show is really about putting the characters in their own psychological box and seeing how they deal with the consequences of their actions.

The ep begins with a sample of how Job has been tortured for the last 20 months, and it ain't pretty folks. Job is a now shell of a man - far from the fabulous, cocky hacker we know and love.

Carrie comes to Hood with their gangster friend Fat Au with a plan to finally find and free Job. The have tracked down the man who spirited Job away in the black helicopter. His name is Leo Fitzpatrick, and he's now a lecturer at a local college. So the Hoodlums (with Fat Au in tow) speed off to the college to kidnap Leo. A very cool foot chase through the streets and subway ensues, with Hood finally subduing Leo (with a few extra punches for good measure) before throwing him in the SUV for the escape back to Banshee.

Carrie takes great joy in administering a beating to Leo, but he's not talking. Fat Au tells Hood to 'take Nakita to the kitchen' and let him try. In a scant few minutes he has the intel. What's his secret to getting information? Just a very sharp knife slicing the webbing in between the toes of Leo - Damn!

courtesy Cinemax
courtesy Cinemax

Turns out Job was tortured and interrogated for months, but he didn't rat anyone out. When the captors realized they would get nothing out of him, the torture continued just for the sake of it, and now he is being designated to 'go dark', which means he will be killed very soon unless they intervene. Leo sets up a meet, and the Hoodlums bring ALL the Genoa money to secure a deal.

The principals meet in the middle of nowhere, and the deal seemingly goes down smoothly. Job hisses, 'About motherfucking time!' when he falls into Hood's arms, but more baddies with guns come out of the woodwork. The head baddie tells the crew that his guys don't make deals, to which Fat Au replies, 'Do I look like a motherfucker that wouldn't know that?' Fat cues the snipers that he has stationed all over the meet and Fat's snipers take out all the baddies except Leo, who escapes with the Genoa cash.

courtesy Cinemax
courtesy Cinemax

Back at the Forge, the crew tries to celebrate at little, but Job is in VERY bad shape. All he wants is his take from the Genoa heist so he can leave after he recovers. When he's told that all the money is gone, Job reacts as you would expect - badly. Carrie offers to bring him to her home to help him recover, and he asks about whether Gordon is in the picture or not. When he finds out that Gordon perished in the Genoa fiasco, the look of guilt and pain on his face is heartbreaking.

Hoon Lee is a revelation in this ep, bringing profound emotional depth to a character that was heretofore used just for comic relief.

The love fest at the Forge is broken up by Brock barging in, announcing that Hood is being arrested for the murder of Rebecca. Hood's blood in her car (from the shootout at the meth lab from the previous ep, where Hood saved Rebecca's life) is the primary evidence, but Brock throws in another little nugget - Rebecca was preggers! WOW! Any bets on who the father is? Odds favor Hood, but you know how this show goes - could be Proctor, Hood, or any drifter who crossed her path!

As Hood is led away in cuffs, Job chimes in with his classic comedy relief, saying,' So did anything happen while I was away?'.

courtesy Cinemax
courtesy Cinemax

There are a couple of b-side plots, revolving around Bunker and the skinheads. A flashback shows the beginnings of the affair with Bunker and his brother Calvin's wife Maggie. Bunker and Calvin's wife fall in together because they are each toiling in a private prison - Bunker, because of his Neo-Nazi past with brother Calvin - and Maggie, because of her abusive marriage to Calvin.

We also finally get to see the leader of the Brotherhood: a nasty dude named Randall Watts, who is running their operation from the joint. He chides Calvin for running his side business of making porn videos under Procter's nose, telling him to stop.

The other involves Carrie's vigilante work. Det. Cruz meets with Proctor, who wants to know who is feeding the info to the vigilante. Proctor suspects Brock, but Cruz is adamant that it's not him. Proctor tells Cruz to stay on it.

At the end of the ep we see another poor female being brought into the clutches of the man in black (and I don't mean Johnny Cash). Victim Four?

How these other threads will eventually join is anyone's guess, but I'm sure the writers have a plan.

Less action than a normal Banshee, but the deep mining of the character's angst and grief was a wonder to see. It's a damn shame this show is going away - it's a great hybrid genre mashup that will be sorely missed.

Line of the night:

Watts: 'Now get the fuck out of here before I miss lunch - it's Taco Tuesday!'


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