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We have all seen different strongholds that are used against a zombie apocalypse in both TV and film. Some work and some don't, but this is a learning experience for them to be able to find a better and more secure place to try and survive in the new world. So where should I hide in a zombie apocalypse?

Let's start from the beginning: What do we know (for sure) about zombies? The answer is absolutely nothing! There is no way for us to determine, foresee, or understand anything about zombies. If we did there would already be a cure, right? I think when (or if) that day comes then intelligence and science can produce a cure or at least try to understand zombie mechanics, but until the apocalypse happens we are left in the dark in understanding anything about zombies and can only make educated guesses.

Now that we have that out the way, let's start with the basics. From here on out will be my own assumptions and imagination of a post-apocalyptic world.

What is a zombie?

A zombie, or otherwise known as the living dead, is a human that re-animates after death. Normally caused by a pandemic, the brain still sends signals after the death of a person enabling them to come back to life (so to speak).

Zombies like to eat the flesh of living humans and, to be honest, I don't see why it stops at humans — zombies like to feast on anything that is living with muscle tissue and blood running through its veins.

One thing I never understood is the fact that humans decay over a period of time. If an infection is left untreated, that part of the body will start to decay due to dead skin cells, yet does this not happen with the walking dead? After several years, the cells in the body must have died and at some point the muscles will not be able to withstand movement or mobility. Couldn't you just "wait out" a zombie apocalypse? You possibly could wait it out, hoping that over time zombies will become inanimate due to cell decay. However, you would be waiting a long time and will need to survive — not just against the living dead but against your own self: You will need food, water, and heat!

So, where should I hide in a Zombie Apocalypse? Let's look into the blueprints and foundations of various places and the pros and cons of various stronghold against a zombie apocalypse.

A Prison

A prison — a place designed to keep people in rather than keep people out, but built for security nonetheless.

Pros: A prison is structurally quite secure — thick concrete walls normally laced with iron rods to withstand basic of attacks; this creates a perfect defense against the outside world.

The metal gates inside are great to withstand against a normal living human being, so they will definitely be able to keep the pesky biters at bay. The metal gates also allow you to isolate parts of the prison as if you are unlocking certain sections of a game. This gives great control when trying to clear a building as you don't have to do it all at once.

Watch/guard towers outside give a great vantage point against attackers, whether you want to pick off just one zombie (stupid to waste bullets when you can use a melee weapon quite easily) or against a mass; you are up high and ready to take on the challenge.

With a canteen, sleeping accommodations, and possibility of vehicles, a prison comes pre-equipped with everything you need and a stockpile to feed all prisoners; you will have it pretty much covered.

Cons: Normally with one or two fences to secure the perimeter, if there was a large hoard of zombies this could potentially be a weak point.

While metal gates are great, you're pretty much out of luck without electricity for automatic locks. Assuming that power may be scarce, only your old-fashioned lock and key will work in this situation.

Full of corridors, rooms, and secret hiding places for zombies to jump out unexpectedly and attack.

Normally prisons are miles away from civilization and away from the public. This means any runs for supplies or other stock can be risky.

An Airport

The perfect getaway _ for a holiday! But this is no vacation if there are flesh-eating zombies trying to eat you!

Pros: Miles of space and with a good chance that these become unused after an outbreak, this would be a perfect place to hide out. You don't just have inside an airport but you have massive planes to hide in, the hangers, and various buildings — a real variety.

Normally attached to airports are shops; you will have the basic coffee shops, newsagents, cologne, alcohol, and everyone's favorite shop full of memorabilia and novelty items — perfect to keep a small team going for a while.

Fuel — gallons and gallons of the liquid gold. As gas stations dry up and become unusable without electricity, an airport is a great place to get your reserves.

The communications tower. Every airport has one so that it can control air traffic. These communication stations can allow you to connect with other radio stations. You can use a secondary watch tower to shoot any pesky trespassers.

Calling all pilots! If you know how to fly a plane or helicopter then it's a perfect place. Take advantage and check out the situation from the skies, allowing you to assess what is going on without running a risk of being attacked.

Cons: As great as the communications tower is without electricity, it is useless. If you can create energy to one part of the airport that would be it.

Like a prison airports are normally in the middle of nowhere, a run for supplies and stock is a great risk.Airport security is not normally the best, with just a flimsy wire fence to stop trespassers and could easily be taken down if force is used and once they are in they are in.

Sometimes these places can be ultimately busy, but my thoughts are that during an outbreak it would not be people's first place to go and, therefore, be a quite place, there will probably be a couple of zombies that will have to be killed to clear the place.

A Town

A casual stroll into town turns into a run from zombies.

Pros: Generally towns are full of resourceful places. With Pubs, Coffee shops, Clothe shops, Supermarkets and anything you could need! A great place for to stock up.

The buildings in towns are normally great places to hide, town halls, churches are all places that you can create some kind of fort to resist against the zombies.

Full of allies, entrances and exits great for accessing the town or to make a hasty escape if things go bad.

There is always a pub or two, If you are going to die might as well do it whilst intoxicated, alcohol is the solution to pain right?

Cons: As much as towns are resourceful places this will probably be the first places that people go to stock up whilst they can, Supermarkets would certainly be my first choice so would their be anything left when you come to take refuge?

Towns are open with loads of allies, entrances and exits. As great as this is like I explained above, however, this means that a lot of work will need to be done to make sure that no zombies can enter your living space and threaten your survival. You will need to block off all access to your area and create entrances and exits that only a living human can use.

Generally this may be a place where people go to take refuge together, it will be a busy place and full of people and if it is a main town like London, Manchester, Bristol etc then damn that will be a lot of people, if one turns it can escalate VERY quickly.

A Castle

Let's go back to medieval times ..... just with zombies.

Pros: Castles, the medieval defense against attackers. With thick walls, zombies will definitely not be clawing their way through. What is better than a lone castle? A castle with a moat! We could go fictional and start putting flesh-eating piranhas or a shark in the water to eat all of the tasty zombies but trying to do that will be very difficult. We will just let them fall in and drown, Zombies drown right? can they drown?

The castle has high towers (normally on the corners) enabling you to see your surroundings and can assess any threat that may be coming your way, overlooking the bridge coming in let's get real medieval and pour some tar on the zombies and set them alight using arrows of fire.

Wrought Iron Gates, impenetrable to the hands of a zombie and with massive holes small enough for a melee weapon like a sword or other sharp objects it is a great way to control the force being placed on the gates.

Some castles are built on high ground (like King Arthurs Camelot that was built on Cadbury Castle) as it was a vantage point and could see troops coming to attack miles away, use the medieval ways to your advantage.

Cons: There is a moat all around the castle, a great defense but also means that there is one way in and one way out and that's over the bridge unless you have a boat and take to the waters.

As some castles are built on high ground access to them may not be easy, there may be a forest or a hill without a road meaning you will have to go by foot. If you have to escape the castle you could be walking for miles until you reach your vehicles putting yourself in massive danger on the way of being attacked.

Castles are normally built away from the public therefore away from shops or anywhere that you can collect supplies, a journey out is a risky journey but you will need to do it if you were to take refuge in a castle as they may have massive rooms and a great courtyard but their stockpile on arrival will not be substantial to keep you and others alive.

A Block of Flats

Elevators are out of order, that is a lot of stairs to climb!

Pros: You can utilise many floors as a defense against the living dead, ground floors can be full of traps to capture the zombies whilst the upper floors can be used as living space, and you can get a lot of people to live with too, so don't worry about leaving your friends behind.

Normally located in towns so you are close to supplies if needed.

Some places have a high block of flats and this is great as it overlooks your surroundings, great to look at what you might face if you were to adventure outside.

If you were to stay in a block of flats your first instinct will be to make sure the floor you are going to sleep on is safe and secure, so you do what anybody would and search each of the flats. Whilst doing so you may find food, entertainment like book etc, If electricity is working you may find DVD's or music but what you also may find is those little novelty items, items that keep your morale up and keep you going through the tough times.

Cons: Block of Flats are normally in places where a high volume of people is, this runs a massive risk of there being a high volume of zombies, worth the risk?

There is no quick escape if the zombies are coming up the stairs where are you going to go? make it to the roof and you're stuck, can't use the elevators because they might be out of order with no electric. You will be trapped with nowhere to go other than out of a window and down a drainpipe CIA style.

A Desert Island

Peace and Quiet........ at last!

Pros: It's peaceful, quiet and no one for miles. No one can get to you unless they use a boat, and zombies can't do that!

If you're a good hunter you can live for years, but you have to know what you are doing. Hunt on the land (if there is anything to hunt) or take to the seas to catch some fish to cook, basically if you are Bear Grylls you are fine in a place like this.

Cons: It's a desert island, miles away from any civilisation, to restock on any supplies will be a long round trip, this can be draining and riskier than any other.

What if something was to happen on-shore, a cure, a sanctuary. How are you going to know? how are they going to know where you are too?

If you don't know how to hunt, light a fire, fish or build shelters, well, your stuffed! These are essentials to surviving on a desert island, admittedly you have completed the goal of having no zombies but you can't survive with the skills or knowledge.

Where would you Choose? Use the poll below to vote for your favourite, or comment if you already have hatched up your own plan.


Where would you hide in a zombie apocalypse?

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