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I am a Box Office analyzer. Not a Professional one but a Better one.

Disney's new live action film The Jungle Book featuring one of our childhood favourite 'Mougli' earned a whopping $230 million worldwide this weekend. Its an outstanding start for a well-reviewed and crowd pleasing film. Its rotten tomatoes score is at 95% fresh.

The Jungle Book earned obscene $103.5 million in its opening weekend stateside. This debut makes it the 2nd biggest April debut ahead of Captain America: Winter Soldier ($95 million) and behind Furious 7 ($147 million).

And among live action movies it is also the 2nd biggest debut just behind Alice in Wonderland's $116 million debut.

At overseas box office Mougli & Co. has earned $187.4 million till now from 60% of foreign markets, of which it earned $136.3 million this weekend including an estimated $50 million from China. So, with some major markets still to open and a leggy run in China can assure that this film earns atleast $700 million overseas.

That overseas total plus a given minimum of $330 million stateside cum will make the case for $1 billion run.

This is 'BIG' win for Disney which is having a banner year at box office with Zootopia and The Jungle Book on their way to earn $1 billion. They also have 4 sure short smashes at their hands including Alice in Wonderland 2, Captain America: Civil War, Finding Dory and Star Wars: Rogue One.


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