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Let's start out by saying... hey guys! It's been a while hasn't it? I've been pretty busy, but anyway let's get to the task at hand.

The critic and even fan reception of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has not been stellar. Want to know what I think about it? Watch my review!

Yup, my first initial thoughts about the movie. Anyway, regardless of what I thought, the DC universe is in Damage Control now. Before I talk about that, let's talk about things that happened pre-production.

  • They cast three controversial people (Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, and Jesse Eisenberg).
  • They pushed the release date twice.

Those things really contributed to the doubt many people had with BvS, not to mention how much they were trying to set up with adding so much. After the movie was done with shooting, we all wondered about the first trailer that would come out. Teaser trailer was good, still mixed. The next trailer though...

SDCC Trailer

Most, if not, ALL of us loved this trailer. The first time I watched the trailer gave me goosebumps! It gave us a good indication of the plot without spoiling everything. It gave us hope for this franchise. The marketing was good until this!

Jimmey Kimmel Trailer

That was a warning sign for us in a way. A lot of people said this spoiled the movie (which it did). This got people worried. Some said it wasn't made for the fans who loved the SDCC trailer, but I think now that's ridiculous. The marketing was seriously hurt after that, so they decided to bring the hype back.

The Final Trailer

The trailer revived faith in the film. It was great! Though I have to admit the trailer they played during Gotham was astonishing!

This was the trailer that had me thinking "there's actually something to lose! This is going to be history!"

Let's into the REVIEWS!

The first reactions to the movie were very positive, but when the critics saw it... it was not so good. The scores on Rotten Tomatoes very low and even a portion of fans didn't like the film. This affected the Box Office. Opening weekend was not bad, but the drop-off as time went on was harsh.

Here's where we get to the Damage Control part. WB was in Damage Control mode since this project was announced. For the most part, the marketing did a good job picking up the pieces using the complaints people had with MoS as a strength for the movie. At this point, their back to square one at for Justice League. So here's the next thing.

Is Zack Snyder Problem?

He's a great visual director, but not so much of a good storyteller many would say. From what I heard, BvS was originally 4 hours long and he is already talking about the Rated R cut while the film is still in theaters. Showing deleted scenes isn't the best thing either. He also commented on the critic response by basically saying the movie was for comic book fans. He is now directing Justice League, which gets people really worried after seeing BvS. Well, it doesn't entirely fall on him, we had a trust in Chris Terrio as well. Many people want WB/DC to bring in people who respect and understand the characters along with writing a good story.

If we look at the other movies Snyder's not directing, people are excited for them.

Judging from what we've seen so far, these movies are totally different from the Snyder movies. When they were promoting Suicide Squad (Blitz trailer) and showing us Wonder Woman while BvS is still in theaters, it gave me a sense of "look at our others movie as a distraction." Again, picking up the pieces!

Final Verdict: I can see the comments right now, but the fact remains the same... WB is on Damage Control. BvS made money, but it's overall mixed reactions hurt the DC product as a whole. Think about it, WB is now only focusing on franchises mostly and announced Ben Affleck is working on a Solo Batman movie. Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman shows promise, but the DC brand has taken a huge hit, regardless if Snyder is directing the movie or not. It is commendable that WB is moving forward with their DC slate and not being too reactionary, but they can't thing isn't a problem. The marketing can be good and the trailers can be amazing, but the film NEEDS to be good! Now, people aren't going to trust the trailers. They have to consider taking a big course of action. Whatever that action may be, only time will tell.

That's it guys! Leave a comment below on what you think about the situation.

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