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Now that we have the Second Episode behind us, we can definitely say this is quite a bit different than Season One. Claire and Jamie's marriage is becoming strained in the aftermath of his sexual assault. It hit me after he had the second flashback in the episode and a tear rolled down my cheek, I never realized that I unconsciously, might not have given the same thought or sympathy to a male that has been through sexual assault. They are supposed to be strong and slightly beyond the helpless feeling many women feel when they are raped, but I really identified and felt his trauma in this episode and understand how the trauma is definitely factoring into his behavior right now. He is trying to be the Jamie he has always been. Witty and strong but it's a long road to recovery and in the 1700's there were definitely no support groups or outlets to help a victim recover so he is figuring this out on his own all the while trying to find a way to stop a war that is destined to cost the lives and history of his clan and culture. This also goes against his personality of having honor and being truthful, so needless to say he has a lot on his plate and I think he is doing a fairly good job of keeping it together.

Claire is doing a great job of supporting him as well and giving him the space and time he needs. We are moving along quite fast in the series since we only have 13 episodes to tell the story and some things were a little different from the book in this episode but they did a great job of tying it all together to make sense. Also if you want to delve into the story more and find out how they put the episodes together, Ron has a great podcast for each episode and he helps wrap the mind around how they put the story together and why certain things are in the episode and why some things from the book are left out. As a book reader it helps make sense of it all.

With the bombshell information that Claire is given at the end of the episode, I am anxiously awaiting next week's episode. Will she let Jamie know the truth or will she try to shield him from the pain? The great thing too is if you have the Starz App you are able to watch after Midnight on Friday, which is awesome for those of us who can't wait! Until next week, how many times will you be watching this episode?


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