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I hope we're all passed the point of thinking Robin is just some stupid sidekick. Throughout Batman's history in the comics, he had a quite a few people donned the mantle of Robin. This article will deal with solely Dick Grayson and all things that he could do to make the DCEU better! Unlike Marvel, DC will use any source material, no matter when it was published. Marvel likes to wait 5-to-10-years before integrating it into film. This means that we could see some amazing characters interacting with one another and a slew of other possibilities. Here are four reasons that we need to see Grayson in the DCEU!


With the recent news of Batman's screen time in Suicide Squad -- one must think that this is the perfect time to introduce Dick Grayson in the DCEU. I highly doubt that we'll ever see Robin (because of Batman & Robin), but by having Dick fully grown, it allows you to dive deep into his and Batman's relationship. This would be interesting to see how fighting crime at such a young age effected the rest of his life.

Also, there's no one in the DCEU that the audience can really relate to, so far. Dick loves beautiful women and he's a smart-ass -- this will instantly make him a like-able character for the audience to root for and separate him from the 'DC's Gods' that they're trying to do with the rest of The Justice League. I really hope that Barry Allen is funny and sweet, like he's in the television show.


I've been on what some would consider a 'Bender' when it comes to the amount of comics I've read in the last week. In the last two-days, I've read Batman - Endgame, Wonder Woman - Earth One, Spider-Gwen and about a dozen Ultimate Spider-Man comics! Batman - Endgame was spectacular and it made me remember why Dick is so important in Batman's life -- he's one of the few people that Batman trusts (as much as Batman can trust someone, well, besides Alfred). He tricked The Joker in Endgame when he wore Batman's costume in the final battle with Joker. He gave Bruce enough time to find Joker's secret weapon and Bruce created an antidote to cure the city of The Clown Prince of Crime perfected toxin.

What I'm trying to say in these incoherent rambles -- DC does not have many properties that the masses really want to see. I'm a fan and that means that it is hard for me not to be biased. I'm really excited for Aquaman and The Flash to hit theaters and finally see what a big-budget film will look like for those two heroes. I know it's hard to believe, but a lot of people do not know who Nightwing is and displaying him as partners with Batman would be an ideal situation for DC. Plus, I just want to see them fighting side-by-side! Basically, I think it would be a smart financial move to have Grayson in the DCEU!


I've talked about this before, superheroes movies should be fun! The reason why Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy were so successful; they took place in the real-world, with no Meta-Humans -- and people can relate to seriousness of the real-world better than flying aliens. See, Marvel cracked the formula and they have movies that are fun and also emotional. This helps to sell the idea of these powerful people, with powers that are a tad zany (Ant-Man and Spider-Man), but are awesome to see on the big screen!

Suicide Squad looks awesome and hopefully will be as crazy as the trailers. Dick Grayson can be many things and he has an awesome personality that'd contrast nicely with rest of DC. Lastly, I would love to see him be a smart-ass towards Batman, just to see Bruce's reaction!


You'll never see him under the cowl for an entire movie and that's fine. If you've been up-to-date on Batman's stories in the comics, then you know they're top-notch. Dick Grayson would be perfectly suited to do some of Batman's lesser stories or just adapt his surprisingly awesome New 52 run of Grayson.

It'd be awesome to see an entire movie of Batman's protege working without the big-bad-bat! You'd also expect to find out tons of information about how Bruce raised Dick in simpler times, before The Joker brutally killed Robin.

I've written this before, but there's no way that's Dick's Robin's suit in the Bat Cave. Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan didn't want a sidekick in their trilogy, but now it is time for the DCEU's version of The Boy Wonder, it'd be a wasted opportunity not to build Batman's greatest achievements.


I would be pleasantly surprised if they chose Damian Wayne to be Robin in the DCEU, but that won't happen (I'm not sure when they could do this, but they should at least try somehow). After reading tons of comics and debating with people that I think are still stuck'd in their juvenile years about the importance of Robin in Bruce's war on crime. They still argue, that he and Batman are some sort of homoerotic fantasy that comic book writers cooked up.

Yes, I really need to find some mature friends, but I'd love to know what you think about Robin. I believe that Bruce and Dick are kindred spirits, that needed each other to get over their debilitating grief over the lost of their parents. Bruce saw something in Dick that he previously saw in himself and wanted to help so Dick wouldn't be as dark as he is. Batman saved Grayson from a life of anger and guilt. I love their relationship and I think it's one of the best in all of comics.




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