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As a fan of the originally Ratchet And Clank game series, I couldn't wait for Sony to put out another run of this series. Although, when news was announced that it was a reboot I got a little concerned. The games were amazing and the story was phenomenal. Why change it or start over? But, I knew I would be purchasing the game regardless.

I buy the game, start it, and I am immediately hit with amazing graphics. The story is the same with the exception of a few tweaks that are made to make things make more sense. Ok, so far, so good. After putting some time into the game I have to say that Insomniac Games did something some movie companies haven't been able to do. Hit a home run with a reboot.

Most reboots tend to miss something that made the original special. Ratchet and Clank not only kept all of those things, but they even improved on them. For example, the one thing you can expect from the R and C games is humor. Even though this game was based off of the original, the jokes don't get old. There were a lot of added jokes and they even took shots at itself. For example, when the plumber meet Ratchet and Clank for the first time, before he leaves he says "See you in the next reboot" while Ratchet and Clank looked on confused. I couldn't help but smile at the fact that the writers of the game could make fun of themselves.

The Galactic Rangers
The Galactic Rangers

Some of the characters from the series are here like Captain Quark, Big Al, and Chairman Drek and we get Dr. Nefarious from the later games. With some of the old characters, there are new characters like the Galactic Rangers cast. One of which (Elaris) is voiced by Roasrio Dawson.

There is one negative that comes with this game. For those of us who have played the original R and C games, the stages will look so familiar that you will usually remember where to go once you land on a new planet or enter a new mission. And there aren't many new weapons. The bonus is that newcomers have a great new beginning with better graphics than the first fun of games while still getting the original story.

Old stage with a few new twists and dangers.
Old stage with a few new twists and dangers.

Rating: 8.7

Overall, the game is really fun. Some people are going to complain that this is a game they have played before and they would be half right. Sure, some of the stages are the same and if you've played the game enough, you know what to do in certain situations. But there are new planets, new missions, and new dialogue. Even the older planets have a few new twists to them. Also, the new Clank missions aren't boring anymore. They come with new puzzles and new challenges that didn't come with the original. Buy the game. It's great for all ages and skill levels and has as much replay value as the original games.


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