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With just about a month until the release of X-Men: Apocalypse, everyone is getting excited to see our next generation X-Men team. One of the most highly anticipated characters that we will see is Sophie Turner's take on Jean Grey. With Fox going very young with this X-Team, many have wondered what kind of storylines we can expect to see since we are basically getting the origin of the X-men.

One of the most popular X-Men storylines is The Dark Phoenix Saga. This is the story where Jean Grey gets exposed to radiation from a solar flare and becomes one of the most powerful beings in all of Marvel, the Dark Phoenix. This is a storyline that improved the entire X-Men universe moving forward, is rumored to be the focus of the next X-Men film!

X-Men: Apocalypse Will Lead Into The Dark Phoenix Saga?

Coming straight from Umberto Gonzalez of HeroicHollywood, he claims that his sources revealed to him that the end of X-Men: Apocalypse we will be lead into The Dark Phoenix saga of films. You can see his entire report here(skip to 21:00):

If Umberto Gonzalez's sources are correct, we could see a very interesting new take on the Dark Phoenix Saga. In the earlier X-Men films, they attempted to do the Dark Phoenix but it didn't seem much success. In this new, re-booted X-Men universe I think we could see Jean Grey's Phoenix done in her true comic form.

The Dark Phoenix Saga Would Be AWESOME To See!

This storyline is perhaps one of the most revered in all of comics. People were left with a bad taste in their mouth after watching the previous incarnation, X-Men: The Last Stand. Fox really has an opportunity to do it right this time and give fans the comic adaptation we have wanted for so long! I believe Sophie Turner will completely rock as Jean Grey, which is likely why they want to plan this entire trilogy around her. I am definitely seeing improvement on Fox's part in terms of X-Men, and I can't wait to see Apocalypse!

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