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Disney's much anticipated Jungle Book was already projected to make an enormous amount of money on its opening day according to analysts. But according to Box Office Mojo, it's even exceeded analysts expectations by more than 40%.

The CGI heavy remake of the classic 1967 animated film has brought generally positive reviews from critics, boasting an impressive 95% approval rating from rotten tomatoes. For once it seems critics and audiences are in agreement that Jungle Book is an impressive film, with an extremely talented cast and CGI that would make Avatar blush.

In just its opening weekend alone, the film has taken in over $103 million dollars in North America alone. Mind you, the film itself only took $175 million dollars to make, an impressive amount considering the cast and graphics.

According to Box Office Mojo, that opening is one of the largest EVER for a PG-rated film. Now while most of those sales did come from 3-D showings, those numbers are still staggering and what's even more surprising is that it's only just the beginning.

With the positive reviews its receiving and word of mouth, it may just give James Cameron's magnum opus a run for its money when its all said and done. How ironic would it be for a CGI film like Jungle Book to reign supreme over the once titled "best CGI film of all time": Avatar.

Believe it or not, we have not even dove into the craziest fact. Overseas the Jon Favreau project has grabbed an additional $187 million dollars. Disney has to be proud yet unmoved at the same time as this is just another success to add to their portfolio. Coming off of the success of Zootopia and the inevitable success of Captain America: Civil War, I believe its safe to say that Disney knows how to make a box office success.

I guess all we can do is sit back and watch as the film increases its record breaking success, and at least try to keep up with the insane profit margins. Does Disney know how to fail?


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