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This article contains a detailed review of Dragon Ball Super episode 39. Along with my theories and prediction. And it contains a whole lot of spoilers! SPOILER ALERT!

First of all I just want to mention that this, sir, is one Dragon Ball Super episodes you must watch! What I just witnessed moments ago was fantastic. It totally has the classic Dragon Ball vibe and I think it is the best Dragon Ball Super episode aired till now!

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This episode basically gave everything I ever wanted from Dragon Ball Super. The episode was totally action packed and the entire episode covered the ‘ Goku vs Hit’ match which will continue on episode 40. The reason I enjoyed it so much is because the fight was absolutely badass, DBZ style.

The power ups, the moves, the seriousness, the expression of Goku, the animation and quality and frame everything was top notch. Oh yeah, and the screaming was perfect! This episode simply gave me the feel Dragon Ball GT (or even Dragon Ball Super before this episode) failed to give. This one episode puts Super in a way higher spot then GT ever reached, simply because it brought the Dragon Ball Z vibe; the action style absolutely made me feel like I am back in those days of DBZ. This fighting style is everything great about the Dragon Ball series. This is the type of action that made Dragon Ball stand apart from 99 other anime or any other form of fictions!

Well, basically this episode doesn’t waste any time. Goku went Super Saiyan Blue right in the beginning. Hit has a hard time keeping up with Super Saiyan Blue Goku. He uses the time-leap technique and fails. Then suddenly, Hit kind of attempts a transformation! He screams like Goku does during his super saiyan transformation, which was very surprising, but then as he attacks we find out he hasn’t really powered up and he once again fails. Then Goku charges and takes a brutal blow.

It is at that moment we realize Hit won’t be going down that easy as he reveals that powering up scream was his attempt to imitate Goku's transformation method. But the only way he can get stronger is by improving, and it looks like Hit gets stronger as he battles. He also mentioned that he never powered up before because he thought it wasn’t necessary. But now, after seeing Goku’s power, he also felt that it was necessary. Hit increased his limit of skipping and could then go 0.2 seconds ahead of time. Goku thought he might figure out a way to counter it after taking a few blows, but then Hit drops the surprise and tells Goku he can now go 0.5 seconds ahead of time -and instantly attacks (and its all boom boom boom)! Man it got so brutal! Just watch it!

However, Goku stands up once again from the verge of getting defeated! Now, we know that Hit is a fighter who is continuously improving, which is when it became obvious that at that rate, he would soon surpass Goku beyond limit. So Goku had to come up with something to either catch up with hit or absolutely overwhelm him.

Then, Goku did what made this episode so badass! Goku kaio-ken times 10 while he was in his super saiyan blue form! The visual, the aura, his expression and his body looked so damn awesome! This is one heck of a power up I am telling you. And before powering up, Goku said:

‘ Don’t think I was stingy trying to hide this. It’s not perfect yet. I was thinking of improving it over time, and use it against Beerus-sama one day. An incomplete technique there’s only a 10% chance that it will work. And if it fails, it’ll completely mess my body up. But, still...! ‘

He starts powering up as it seems like he is going to ascend another form beyond Super Saiyan Blue. He keeps screaming and powering up. Everyone high in anticipation, and then suddenly Goku stops. A moment of complete silence. Goku goes Kaio-ken and then releases this massive upsurge of power with a red Aura surrounding the godly blue aura! Visually stunning! I really liked the muscular physique development and one of the reasons I like the Kaio-ken attack so much is because it makes Goku more muscular. Remember when everyone thought the lightweight super saiyan god Goku looked cool? Well, I didn’t. If you are strong, you go muscular.

And then he keeps going Kaio-ken times three, four all the way up to 10! Again guys, Goku looks awesome with the aura and everything which was just spot on! I can’t express it in words! We also get to see a cool flashback scene from DBZ back when Goku used Kaio-ken against Vegeta. Amazing! That will inspire the newer audience to check the previous series.

While Goku was using the kaio-ken attack, they start playing the DBS opening intro. It was just perfect! It feels so good to finally see the type of action we all crave. However, Goku realizes that his blue form won’t last long and decides to finish it off quickly, so he decides to attack the assassin Hit with a Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken kamehameha attack! Oh my! This is too good to be true. This is where the episode ends and we are left on a cliffhanger. Anyways, the episode 40 trailer suggests that the match will go on a little bit longer and it looks like Hit will eventually catch up with Goku. Guys, its gonna be one hell of a fight. This is going to be an all time best, man!

By the way, Goku didn’t generally use Kaio-ken while being on his super saiyan form because it would be too much for his body. But in the case of Super Saiyan Blue, he has much more control over his body and ki and was thus able to pull it off!

If Dragon Ball Super continues like this, I predict it will become even more popular than Dragon Ball Z and will catch a large group of new audiences and will be a massive hit. I am extremely happy and satisfied today, guys!

What do you think about all this? How excited are you? Is this the first time you are getting the Z vibe on super?

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