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In an interview with MTV (which you can see below you blind git) while promoting Now You See Me 2, when Jesse Eisenberg was asked about what he thought about the reaction to the film, he replied that he never sees movies he performs in because he finds them awkward to watch. If you ask me that's fair enough, as I get awkward just seeing photos of myself. Hell, I'm actually quite impressed that despite all of the press tours, red carpet events and premières he attended, Jesse managed to avoid seeing the movie.

As a matter of fact, the last movie of his he actually saw was Zombieland, where he claims that Woody Harrelson actually forced him to go see it. he also makes some allusions to other activities he and Woody got up to regarding "two dead bodies". Hmmm... maybe he got a little too into character for Dawn of Justice if you get where I'm coming from.

Also in the interview (which is really funny so you should just watch it instead of reading) he says that he loved the experience of making it and complements everyone involved in the movie. This is all in response to the question of whether or not his character is set to appear in any future DC movies, so it's interesting that he kind of avoids the question, meaning there probably is at least talks about him returning to the role. To be honest though, I can't say anyone would be surprised if he did. He is supposedly our new Lex Luthor after all.


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