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We know they fought fore entire generation:Dark side(sith)vs Light side(Jedi)

But Jedis think the dark side is an alternate bad version of they personality and powers,BUT i think its diferent,i think the dark side is somehow the true potentyal,you know why,lets say a story

You are at school and fight with a bully and you are calm but weak,but when you se your friend or you geting hurt,you brain let you acces your hidden power or hormons and unleashed,and somehow you beat the bully.

I think There is only The force is The fusion of these 2 Forces,For example

The Force Divided in 2 Mini forces that are :Dark and light,dark is unlimited in power but light is limited,but light has control over the power...

The True Force is THE PURPLE FORCE,a Force that fusion dark and light force togheter.

An good example of manifestation is ANAKIN THE CHOSEN ONE

He bring balance to the force but not in that way to kill sith or jedi,but to create the ancient PURPLE FORCE.

Its my first post,hope you like it


What do you think,Exist purple force?


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