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These are not reviews. I'm not here to criticise. Just here to share some love. A collection of thoughts on the pop culture I consume.

I don't know about you but I've watched a lot of anime in my life.

A lot.

I lived in Indonesia for a bit, so got a lot of the Japanese imports pretty early on there.

Then America in the mid to late 90's and I was a boy so... Well Dragonball happened.

You know if you know.

Then France for my some of my teenage years. The French I feel fully accepted both manga and anime. There seems to be the culture there for it, as in the wider acceptance of bandes dessinées. Zinedine Zidane attributes his professional career to Captain Tsubasa (as does FUCKING MESSI but that doesn't really help my point at all. Just proves it's a dope manga/show and you should totally watch it/read it/consume however).

I guess what I'm trying to provide context for here is that I may be one to be more acceptant to dubbed anime. Whether it's english dubbed, french dubbed, or otherwise. It's just great (and sometimes not so great) stories told however it needs to be told.

But that said I am aware of the historical issues in viewing anime with traditional english anime dubs.

They were not great.

The anime voice.

The high pitched female anime voice has always been one to irk me slightly.


It is a question but it isn't at the same time. It's more of an accusation.

I used an example from Code Geass there which is slightly unfair. Nunnally is the only example of this archaic dubbing exercise in the show, which is a very good show, both viewed subs and dubs. But Nunnally was disappointing. And annoying.

When I moved to England I was a pretty sub4life kind of otaku. That was my jam, not gonna lie.

But then I discovered Monster.

This is where I first discovered hope.

They had done re-scored the anime, which I actually enjoyed. It's beautiful, much superior to the original Japanese score. You can disagree, that's allowed by the way.

The voice acting for the most part was brilliant.

But Johann.

If you've seen Monster you'll understand what I'm talking about.

It's thrilling.


But that voice.

So the point of this piece is really to introduce what I consider to be the acceptable age of dub.

We have entered a time where social media and the internet mean our voices are for the most part heard. In some spheres, even listened to. I'm pretty sure in the entertainment sphere, and in niche genres, that is even more true.

We said no to certain trends in the industry. I think they listened.

This is why:

Two shows that do a better job are Psycho-Pass and A-Jinn: The Demi Human. I believe both of the shows first seasons are available on Netflix and I highly recommend them. If you've been put off anime before because of subs etc. go for these, great stories and you're safe from the anime voice. Seriously, the voice acting is great. Fantastic even.

Because here is the thing - it shouldn't matter how you consume the story, just that you do. And have fun.


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