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I love MLP Equestria Girls, I also Like Godzilla, and Digimon etc.
Braden Baum

We all know Mal and her friends but what if its a Creepypasta version? That's right Creepypasta Descendants is going to be based off of Descendants 1, Justin is the son of Jeff and Jane the Killer, Slendergirl is Slenderman's Daughter, Eyeless Jill is Eyeless Jack's Daughter and Laughing Felicia is Laughing Jack's Daughter. And their all going to Casper College.

These are their artwork during Rotten to the Core Music Video.

Oh and did I mention that Liu Jeff's Brother is going to be alive in the Movie? Well in the YouTube videos I watched Jeff killed his little Brother. Same goes for his parents. So Please Comment if you want to see this happen.


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