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We all know Rick Riker Also Known as The Dragonfly (Drake Bell) and Jill Johnson (Sara Paxton), Albert Adams (Leslie Neilsen), Stephen Hawking (Robert Joy) but now since Drake Bell and the rest of the actors of Superhero Movie are getting older here's my next list for The Awesome Dragonfly Movie

Rick Riker/Dragonfly - Jake Short

Jill Johnson - Abigail Breslin

Trey - Asa Butterfield

Lance Landers - Jimmy Bennet

The Invisible Woman - Morgan Lily

Professor X (Young version) - Nathan Kress

Professor X - James Hook

Uncle Albert - Denis Leary

Aunt Lucille - Rosemary Harris

Miranda News/Black Hawk - Miranda Cosgrove

Lou Landers/Hourglass - Martin Sheen

The Movie will Be PG-13

And it will still be a Comedy

It will start all over again from the very beginning with new characters. And etc.


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