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The year is 1870, the purpose is to hide temporarily from the Time Masters in what is called a 'blind spot', where they cannot be traced for an amount of time in the timeline. Basically, Rip Hunter has stopped in this timeline to take a breather and stop the Time Master from chasing them, at least temporarily. But is there another reason for his stopping?

Meet Jonah Hex

Jonah Hex is a popular DC character who fought in the nineteenth century Civil War in America in the Confederate Army. He is a bounty hunter by professional with a facial scar that will make anybody remember his face. He is considered an anti-hero and is dedicated to protecting the innocent. In this episode, our heroes dress up in the old western clothes and arm themselves up and head towards a salon where a bar fight thanks to Dr. Martin Stein winning at cards leads to the group meeting Jonah Hex. He deduces the group are not from around these parts, or from this timeline for that matter, and heads with them to meet Rip. Turns out, Rip and Jonah has had a shady past together in the exact same timeline. Rip actually got fond of this time and did not want to leave, but he had to otherwise he would have lost his status as a Time Master.

Kendra, meet Kendra

Yep, the title gives away the clue. Kendra actually met with her past self in 1870, first before the bar fight and next after having memory flashes of her, she tracks her down with Sara in the Old West, somewhere out in the wild, where Kendra feels like she is drawn to. When she meets up with her old self, she thought the woman was a friend of her in her past life, for which she has been having memory flashes. Turns out, she realizes it was herself in her past life. The old 1870 Kendra showed our modern-day Hawk Girl a drawing of her and Carter, who was called Hannibal Hawk in that time. Apparently he was killed by Vandal Savage and the old Kendra was waiting her days out in the Old West instead of living in a city where she believes she can cause more harm than good with innocents getting in Savage's way. In any case, she reveals that she tried loving other men but was always drawn towards Carter, and ended up hurting them, and advised the modern Kendra that no matter how much she tries to find someone else to love, she will always be drawn towards her soulmate in Carter. She mentions a bracelet which Kendra remembers from her first life, but it was stolen by bandits.

The saving of H.G. Wells

Turns out, Dr. Stein treats a young boy who was suffering from tuberculosis by giving him a medicine that was not due for over ninety years. The boy turned out to be Herbert George Wells, the famous writer. This was a bit of a dilemma for Rip to allow Dr. Stein to change the course of a timeline like this, but in the end, Stein made up his mind for good measure, the boy did turn out to be well-known. He did make the mother promise to burn the medicine though, as it was well-ahead of its time.

Confronting the Stillwater Gang

Ray turns out to be handed the new sheriff's bade by the former one, and gets confronted by the Stillwater Gang soon who tries to strike a deal in taking anything in exchange for not hurting anybody. Ray refuses and Jeb Stillwater, leader of the gang, prepares to shoot him when Snart shoots his pistol and makes the rescue from a perch. While the whole town cheers, Jonah Hex is unimpressed. Aboard the Waverider he exclaims that the team will leave the town of Salvation (that's what the place was called) just like Rip left Calvert in 1868. Calvert was a town in Oklahoma, which was no more. Turns out, Quentin Turnbull, another classic DC villain, destroyed Calvert when Rip left the town in 1868 for his own selfish means. They find out about the Stillwater Gang's affairs, and plot an ambush.

An Ambush and a Fight

Our heroes catch the Stillwater Gang by surprise in their camp and takes Jeb Stillwater hostage. However just as they were leaving, Jax is lassoed in by the remaining bandits and taken hostage too. A struggle ensues to make a decision. Seems like our heroes decide on giving Jeb back on one condition: execute a shootout versus Jeb in exchange for Jax. The idea, as daft as it may sound, was accepted by Rip, after he revealed that he knew Quentin Turnbull would destroy Calvert, leading Hex to punch Rip in the face. But Rip could not stay back as he was experiencing Time Drift (willingness to stay back in a time other than one's own). He agrees to the shootout with Jeb, and guess what? Wins easily. Jax gets released by the Gang, but then the Time Hunters arrive to kill the team. A fight ensues between modern laser guns and old pistols, and as these Hunters get overpowered, one of them mentions after being stabbed by Mick Rory that The Pilgrim was coming for them. Who is The Pilgrim? Turns out, she is the Time Masters deadliest weapon: an assassin sent to wipe out our heroes not on the timeline they are currently in, but in their past lives when they were children.

Danger Looming

Having heard of the 'Omega Protocols' and The Pilgrim, we are taken to a flashback in 1990 where a young Mick Rory watches his house burn in flames, and The Pilgrim pointing a laser gun at him from behind his back. We see the camera fading away just as the shot from a laser gun is heard. What has happened? Stay tuned to find out.

The Verdict

Basically, this episode connects small pieces of the dot and reconciles Mick with the rest of the gang, even going as far as to tell one of the Time Hunters "I was never on your side. I was on my side." Having said this, we get a glimpse of an Old West DC hero in Jonah Hex, and Kendra's past being. Sara advises her not to listen to the old Kendra's advise and live her own life and love her own guy, which motivates Kendra to pursue the relationship with Ray at the end of the episode. We also see Rip's connection with this time period, and the birth of H.G. Wells as we know him thanks to Dr. Stein's moment of kindness. While the episode was a break from the usual tracking of Vandal Savage, who was not present throughout the episode, it did portray a different take on our heroes as more humane and willing to make a difference at the risk of overexposing changes in timeline. We also learn of The Pilgrim, and are greeted with a moment of anxiety on how our heroes will deal with such a woman sent by the Time Masters to wipe them out. I rate this episode an 7/10.

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