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[Spoiler warning for episode 'We All Fall Down' of Fear The Walking Dead]

When Rick Grimmes makes his way to Atlanta in season 1 of The Walking Dead, he rejoins with his wife and son in a survivor's camp. They all spend a season together, figuring out the best way to survive and getting to know each other. The Morales family is among those survivors, but they decide not follow Rick and the others to the CDC and so go their separate ways.

The Morales Family on The Walking Dead
The Morales Family on The Walking Dead

In the five seasons that followed, there's no mention of the Morales family, their whereabouts or even if they made it to their relatives. And that's how the name Morales became the unicorn of The Walking Dead. They were introduced, we learned about them, we cared for them and then...blackhole.

Fear The Walking Dead may be pulling the same trick on us, with the new survivors group we are introduced to in the episode 'We All Fall Down'. Travis and co. are still being chased by that other boat - the one we all assume mean harm to the Abigail crew - and so they dock at Catrina Island, in hopes to lose their chasers.

As it turns out, there's already a family surviving on the island and, as everyone makes their acquaintance, we find out there's more to these survivors than meets the eye. The mother, Melissa, seems desperate to get her younger kids, Harry and Willa, out of the island in hopes to give them a chance at surviving. Apparently, her husband George is all about living a family life up until the end, and that end means he'll kill his family and commit suicide to keep them all together.

Harry and Willa with the Infected
Harry and Willa with the Infected

Of course, hell breaks loose, and things don't go well for the family. Not all of them die though, and this is where there's maybe a hint of the Morales from The Walking Dead. As Abigail sails away, there are two remaining members of the family, the older son Seth, and the younger Harry. We see them on the pier, as Seth shoots his turned mother, and the screen fades to black.

Now, nothing of note actually happened to our Abigail survivors in this episode. They took nothing from the island, nor did they left anything behind, which makes this episode quite the slow-burning filler. Point is, there's no hint that we'll get to see the brothers again anytime soon.

Is this the last we'll see of Catrina Island?
Is this the last we'll see of Catrina Island?

So, there we have it. Another Morales family - this time even without a last name - to bug ourselves with for seasons to come. Why oh why spend a whole episode on the family, then kill them, and make us move on? I don't wish to be petty, but it seems having a fifteen episode second season wasn't the best decision at all.

What do you think? Will we see Seth and Harry again on Fear, or will they become the new Morales?


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