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These three characters from 1971-2008 are all evil-doers that disregard the preciousness of human life. Each one of them has their own form of clever wrong-doing to damage the world around them. Beware of spoilers as we go through these faces of unforgettable non-horror villains that gave us chills when we heard them speak.

1. Anton Chigurh (No Country for Old Men)

Anton Chigurh, played by Javier Bardem, remains one of the most spine-chilling villains in a non-horror movie that the world has seen. He killed relentlessly. He even makes a game out of a poor old man's life in the coin toss scene. He is a puppetmaster and knows more than anyone expects him to. Anton is a diabolical genius, and that definitely makes him something to be afraid of. One of the worst parts about this middle-aged, deep-voiced crime boss is that he wins in the end. Nobody stops him, and after paying a kid for his shirt, he walks off without anybody there to stop him from whatever he will proceed to do next.

2. Scorpio (Dirty Harry)

In 1971, we were introduced to a child-raping, deadshot killer who demands $100,000 from the city of San Francisco. Andrew Robinson portrayed a Zodiac-killer-inspired villain who terrorized the city, being chased by Harry Callahan. Clint Eastwood was the only badass in San Francisco that could take down this feminine freak. Scorpio, by the real name of Charles Davis, led the SFPD on a wild goose chase while he performed daily murders on citizens, including children. He raped and buried alive a 14 year-old girl. The scene in the park with him masked and armed was a great way of making him fit the creepy story he carries with him. As this smart, evil man ran through the city being chased, all we could think was how much we wanted him to get what he deserves. While his death scene was satisfying, many felt he deserved a worse death than being shot, especially after his final stunt with a loaded school bus. However, we saw the defeat of this psycho at the end, and that was enough to let the audience feel relieved.

3. The Joker (The Dark Knight)

The most memorable part of Christopher Nolan's Batman was Heath Ledger's take on The Joker. The Joker has been taken on by many actors, but Heath Ledger has taken the cake on this one. This clown is no joke in this dark, amazing film. Heath Ledger provided us with a controversial version of the classic comic book villain that is loved by so many. However, anyone that says this villain was not creepy must be fearless. This method-acting masterpiece made the film much better than it would be without him. It still would have made for a good movie, but we would probably be saved the many suspenseful, bone-chilling scenes that have this unpredictable maniac ready to kill somebody. Without Heath Ledger's amazing ability, this character could not have been pulled off. So, let us stop for a moment of silence to pay our respects to the man that made it happen.


Which of these villains was the creepiest in your opinion?


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