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It's the longest running science fiction series about the quirky alien having adventures throughout space and time in his trusty blue box with a companion at his side. It is Doctor Who. For those who don't know, the Doctor is a Time Lord: an alien species who have a neat little trick to cheat death called regeneration. When the Doctor is close to death, his body regenerates giving him a new face and personality, but he is always an odd but good man.

This concept began as just a cheap way of keeping the show going but has become one of the most beloved pieces of the shows lore due to the interest of a new Doctor and the sadness of seeing one go; up to date their have been thirteen faces for the time traveling hero and I'm here to give my personal ranking of them all. Before I begin, I am aware that my opinion will not be the same as others and if you disagree, please tell me your personal ranking in the comments. Now then...

It's French...for "let's go."
It's French...for "let's go."

13. The Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker)

Replacing Peter Davison's Doctor comes possibly the most hated Doctor due to how mean and pompous he was. Now I just want to make this clear that there is not a single Doctor that I do not like, every Doctor has their moments to shine and Colin Baker's Doctor definitely did; his first appearance was...interesting but I did enjoy it and he had an amazing four episodes called the Trial of the Timelord which heavily improved upon this Doctor's character.

But why do I think he is the least impressive Doctor? Well he did not have a long run: fans weren't happy with his technicolor dreamcoat with questions marks on his collar, his attitude definitely didn't help, and there were conflicts between Colin Baker and BBC. Personally I felt that he should have been kept on for one more season but overall I definitely did enjoy Colin Baker's run despite its flaws.

12. The First Doctor (Willian Hartnell)

Going back to the very first appearance of the Doctor and his granddaughter we have William Hartnell who was a much different Doctor than most: he's very curmudgeon, grumpy, and cynical but as the seasons went on we saw his cold heart thaw thanks to his companions such as his granddaughter. At first when I started watching Classic Doctor Who, I wasn't all that impressed with this Doctor but he soon grew on me. Afterall, he was when the show first began so I did have much respect for him. This Doctor was replaced by other actors later but we can never forget William Hartnell and all of his "Hm's."

11. The Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton)

Gone was the grumpiness and white hair and taking its place was the loving yet fierce cosmic hobo with a recorder known as the Second Doctor played by Patrick Troughton who provided new light to the show by having him make jokes, he was quicker, more energetic, and even more action packed. This was when I finally started to love Classic Doctor Who but little did I know that it would just get better and better. The Second Doctor had much more heart and charisma in the role and when I would see his name pop up in the opening I was saying in my mind: "Oh my giddy aunt!"

9. The Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann)

Possibly by favorite TARDIS interior of all time.
Possibly by favorite TARDIS interior of all time.

This one in my opinion is the most underrated Doctor; played by Paul McGann he only appeared on screen once in the Doctor Who movie from 1996 and in one quick short to set up the 50th Anniversary movie. Personally, I had a blast watching this Doctor: he had a sense of wonder about him, like he was experiencing everything through the eyes of a child while keeping a serious manner when darker things were occurring. Despite the movie's flaws, I cannot deny that I very much enjoyed this Doctor and really wish we could have seen more of him.

9. The Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker)

I can just hear the clicking of keys already; people typing and saying that I'm not a true fan for putting Tom Baker in the top three Doctors. Yes I have him lower than he is usually put but does that mean I dislike him? NO WAY! This is the Doctor that had the longest run of one 172 episodes and there is a reason why. Not only is he just downright hilarious, he's witty, fun, brave, lovable, and probably has one of the most infectious smiles of them all. For many people, he is THE Doctor and that is completely understandable.

8. The Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy)

In case you are wondering, no that is not the Riddler making a cameo in Doctor Who, that is just Sylvester McCoy's Doctor who brought a huge improvement to the show with a much more action packed run with a darker Doctor who still kept the lovable nature of the character. Yeah you don't expect much of a darker tone with the question mark vest and umbrella but those are the kinds of surprises you'll get from this show. And it after this run and the Doctor Who movie that the show ended until being re-vamped in 2005. I'd say it was a pretty great way to end the series if that was the case.

7. The War Doctor (John Hurt)

Played BRILLIANTLY by John Hurt, this Doctor first appeared in the episode titled "The Name of the Doctor" and when I first saw him, I thought they were setting up John Hurt to be the Twelfth Doctor but instead what we got was a forgotten Doctor who fought in the Time War as shown in the fantastic 50th Anniversary movie known "The Day of the Doctor."

10/10 movie by the way.
10/10 movie by the way.

For me, I see the War Doctor as the perfect blend of old and new: the snarky more wiser of old combined with the funny, epic nature of the newer. He might not have stuck around for very long but he mad quite an impact with what he had.

6. The Third Doctor (John Pertwee)

Suave, funny, sassy, and kickass all over. That's the briefest way I can describe describe the Third Doctor played by John Pertwee. After angering his people, the Time Lords, the Doctor is banished to Earth and forced to regenerate into what used to be my favorite Classic Doctor; I loved the change in tone, I loved the stories, I loved how much this Doctor was willing to go hand to hand, and I loved the new cast of characters. To me this was a perfect upgrade for the series which lead even more greatness. Bring back Bessie!

5. The Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston)

For the longest time, when I pictured Christopher Eccleston my mind immediately went to his villain role in 28 Days Later but that all changed when I started seeing the popularity for a show on BBC called Doctor Who. I didn't know what to make of it from commercials and since many seasons were on Netflix, I checked it out and from then on I was hooked onto the show until it evolved into my all time favorite TV show. The Ninth Doctor was my first Doctor and he alone sold me on the show, he was hilarious, witty, epic, and brought so much charisma that it was impossible not to like him. Only complaint...HE HAD LESS OF A RUN THAN COLIN BAKER!!! 13 Episodes? Really? I hoped Eccleston reappears as the Doctor one day.

4. The Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison)

And we finally get to my personal favorite Classic Doctor: the Fifth Doctor played by Peter Davison. Sporting his cricket outfit with tan coat and celery in his lapel, this Doctor is just awesome. Charming, kind, funny (as per usual), and much more peaceful than other Doctors. For some reason, this Doctor had me enthralled in every episode he was in, especially with his interaction between him and his companions. Seeing his run now made his run in with the Tenth Doctor just that more fantastic!

3. The Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi)

In Series 8, they returned to basics by having the Doctor's newest face be much older than the previous ones and having less focus on comedy and more on a darker tone while still keeping that same Doctor Who fun. The Twelfth Doctor played by Peter Capaldi began as off putting because of his more grumpy demeanor but over the course of two series he has risen to one of the best Doctors to date which his social awkwardness to the blunt ways he'll talk about people while having that same likability of all Doctors. He gives some of the funniest smartass responses to some situations.

2. The Tenth Doctor (David Tennant)

For many Whovians, the two most iconic Doctors are the aforementioned Tom Baker and the pretty boy in sand shoes known as the Tenth Doctor played by the always amazing David Tennant. This was the Doctor I saw first from commercials so I was excited to finally see this Doctor and yeah, he's great. What else can I say that this Doctor brought some of the best episodes to date such as "Don't Blink" or "the End of Time" or "the Christmas Invasion." Funny, epic, and tragic, this Doctor always knew how to put a smile on my face. Oh and this Doctor is known for having the saddest departure of all Doctors which I can definitely agree with.

1. The Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith)

I had nothing but hype for this Doctor but I distinctly remember saying, "There is no possible way anyone can outdo the Tenth Doctor." You could not believe how wrong I was. With the mind of a very old wiseman and the personality of a child in a grown man's body, this Doctor was perfect from beginning to end for me and gave me some of my favorite memories in fiction from his hilarious introduction to meeting and talking with the T.A.R.D.I.S. and to fighting parasite aliens pretending to be gods. I could not believe how many times I ended up tearing up because of Matt Smith's brilliant acting chops or ended up cheering from the overall epicness of some episodes. !

So there you have it, my personal ranking of the many Doctors of Doctor Who. Did you agree with me about anything or was my list just completely wrong? Let me know and would you care for a jelly baby? Post your comments down below and let me know if you enjoy! GERONIMO!


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