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Why Black Adam is coming to the DCEU sooner than we think. So, let get started with my theory on why we are getting Black Adam in Justice League part 1. Ok you might think i am crazy but, just here me out. First piece of evidence we are going to a interview back in 2015 where Dwayne Johnson who is cast, to play him in Shazam talks about the Black Adam roll.

If you watched the video, you can see that he is very excited to play Adam in future DC films. In fact he says that, he has be waiting to play him for a whopping 8 YEARS, why has he been waiting 8 years. Well lets just says we could of gotten Black Adam in a DC film way earlier. And not just Black Adam but the whole DCEU, including Batman V Superman. Now how, you ask well take look at the video below.

Now that, you have seen the video we can talk about why this leads to a Black Adam appearance or a main roll in the Justice League Part 1. Now remember what Dwayne Johnson said 8 YEARS, is how long he has been waiting to play this roll, and guess what weird coincidence we have ran into now, Well I am Legend the movie that teased the DCEU and a Batman V Superman movie. Was released in 2007! And then 8 years later, 2015 Dwayne Johnson is now talking about how he has been waiting to playing the Black Adam character for 8 years now. So putting two and two together would mean, that WB had to be in talks with Dwayne Johnson to play Black Adam. Back then..... And i wondered why they announced that he be playing Adam in Shazam so early, in 2014? When the Shazam movie is not until 2019. And Dwayne has been promoting and talking about the DCEU and Black Adam a lot lately , So why promote it now well because, Justice league is currently filming as we speak, and if Dwayne shows up on set, some leaks might start to pop up that he is in it.

Basically what i am saying is that a lot there is a lot of weird coincidences happening with it all, that i just feel that he could be in Justice League Part 1 or if not maybe Part 2. Well, anyways can't wait to see Dwayne Johnson play Black Adam!


When is Black Adam going to show up in the DCEU?


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