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This is Season 2 of my Arrow Earth 2 proposition. If you haven’t read Season 1, go there first to understand this.

Season 2 Flashback: In pursuit of China White, Wintergreen and Yao-Fei come upon the facility housing the Mirikuri. They are attacked by it’s guards, Billy Wintergreen kills the guards, but is killed in combat with Lady Shiva. Yao-Fei is gravely wounded, and overhears China White and Lady Shiva discuss the island’s well. But he passed out mid-discussion.

Shado and Robert arrive at the facility and find Wintergreen dead. Shado is able to get the drug to Robert but is captured. She tells Robert to rescue Yao-Fei then find her. After administering the drug, Yao-Fei heals, and shows enhanced strength, speed, and reflexes. The two attempt to rescue Shado but China White executes her aboard a ship she is planning to escape on. Yao-Fei blames Robert and attacks him for being unable to help. Realizing his friend has been lost his mind. Robert reluctantly battles him and defeats him aboard the ship, putting his eye out with an arrow and kicking him overboard. Robert is knocked out from behind and wakes up in a shipping crate in Hong Kong, found by ARGUS Agent Tatsu Yamashiro. Meanwhile, Yao-Fei is found at sea by Lady Shiva.

Season 2 Present: The Hood, now going by Green Arrow continues his vigilantism solo, while Black Canary and Wildcat do their own thing. Having only won after the fact, and not without casualties, what little time he spends outside the hood is spent visiting Thea in an ARGUS maximum security prison, and training Tommy Merlyn to become his partner.

Colin Donnell as Tommy Merlyn/Red Arrow
Colin Donnell as Tommy Merlyn/Red Arrow

Green Arrow sets his sights on a cult led by a street kid named Roy Harper under the alias “Brother Blood” who uses the destruction of the glades to recruit those who survived. After discovering that the cult members are on Mirikuru, Robert visits the island he finds the facility emptied. He uses his allies Agents Lawton and Raatko, and discovers that Yao-Fei survived, though only he deduces that the assassin ARGUS is tracking’s identity. ARGUS has been tracking Yao-Fei unknowingly, as he took the name Deathstroke, and the colors of Wintergreen in honor of him. Robert learns that Deathstroke has been active in the last few years and is the only other assassin considered a priority above Deadshot.

Green Arrow suggests a plan to take down both Deadshot and Deathstroke, using funds supplied by Walter, they would appeal to Deadshot’s ego by hiring him to eliminate the only other assassin that rivals him. Though Lawton, who’s brother was murdered by Deadshot, and Captain Andy Diggle both are against the plan. Robert asks to speak with Nyssa’s father, known only as The Director. The Director and Robert have a history from the years he was gone. The Director knows who he is beneath the hood and agrees to his plan.

Yao-Fei sets out to dismantle Robert’s life, getting Thea addicted to heroine in prison, and assassinating Walter Steele. Green Arrow & Black Canary go to war against Deathstroke and his cult. Using Brick to gain information, Robert learns that the cult leader is Roy and digs into his history. Wildcat reveals that his first partner as a vigilante was Roy’s uncle Jim, the Guardian. But Jim went insane a few months into their adventure after the death of his brother. Robert visits Jim in the hospital but gets nothing out of his ramblings.

Byron Mann as Yao-Fei/Deathstroke
Byron Mann as Yao-Fei/Deathstroke

Roy finds out about his uncle's visit and deduces that it was Wildcat was involved He finds Ted and pumps him full of Mirikuru, causing him to overdose. Wildcat enters a state of rage and goes on a rampage that only ends after his heart explodes.

The Director becomes sidetracked from the setup when a man named Ben Turner and woman named Tatsu Yamashiro arrive to town. The Director reveals to Robert that he once led a cult of assassins. He handed reign over his apprentice, Al-Owal after 500 years of rule. After uncovering and ending a coup planned by fellow assassin Damien Dark by killing him, he was exiled. He dedicated the rest of his life to finding the assassins again and killing Al-Owal/Ra’s al Ghul for dishonoring and disrespecting him for saving his life. He requests Robert’s aid in taking care of the assassins. Together they battle the assassins and question why they came to the city. Once the Director and Green Arrow ease up, the assassins say that they are here as a sign of respect, some still feel loyal to him and felt what happened was wrong. Tatsu, who joined after The Director was exiled, and knew him as director first, apologizes for costing him his chance with China White, offering to make it right soon. They inform him that Al-Owal has been killed by his apprentice, the new Ra’s al Ghul. Green Arrow asks Tatsu if she knows what happened to Maseo, but she is silent. The meet is broken up by a gunman who takes shots at Green Arrow. Ben and Tatsu throw a smoke bomb and disarm the assailant, taking him with them. They scald him for being careless and almost killing the Director. Ben see’s a fire in the man’s eyes and asks his name, he says he is Ricardo Diaz Jr and Green Arrow killed his father.

The trap is set and ARGUS confirms that Deadshot is in the city. Green Arrow waits on a rooftop as bait. Deathstroke arrives. As Deadshot lines up his shot, Agent Lawton and Raatko arrest him. Robert easily defeats Deathstroke and unmasks him, revealing Roy. Since nobody else knew his identity, ARGUS arrests him thinking he is their man. Though Robert tells the Director the truth, they keep Roy, knowing he is Brother Blood.

Yao-Fei meets with Roy’s right hand, Cindy and promotes her. She takes the name Sister Sin and is gifted a similar suit to Deathstrokes. Robert also gifts Tommy his red suit, telling him that he isn’t ready, but he is needed.

The Director has ARGUS scientist, Sebastian Sangre develop an antidote to the Mirikuru. When it works on Roy, they deliver it to Robert to use. With Black Canary, and the newly christened Red Arrow, Robert suits up and they take the fight to Deathstroke. Red Arrow and Agent Raatko battle the cultists, administering the cure via arrows. Black Canary battles and defeats Sister Sin. Green Arrow, cures and defeats Deathstroke, who begs Robert to kill him and reunite him with his daughter. Robert refuses, and is joined by Tommy and Nyssa. ARGUS Agents begin rounding up the cultists and take Cindy and Yao-Fei into custody as well. Tommy jokes that Nyssa is a speedy learner, and used a bow rather well for someone usually handling a gun.

In the aftermath, the Director of ARGUS and Nyssa train in a dojo with numerous weapons. He promises her that they will return to take what is theirs. Though he is enraged that somebody else stole his vengeance. Nyssa, having never known that life, says that they have a good life here and argues against her father’s crusade of vengeance. He leaves and arrives at an ARGUS black site where he walks the halls of a cellblock where Deadshot, Brother Blood, Sister Sin, and Deathstroke are all locked up. Robert is there and Yao-Fei promises to ruin his life further before ending him. Robert leaves and the Director watches as agents transfer Thea into an empty cell. He welcomes her to Task Force X with a sinister smile.

Robert is waiting in Tommy’s office as he accepts his destiny as head of his father’s company. Tommy turns the TV on and shows Robert a press conference he had just given where he says that his father was a terrorist and a monster. He claims that Robert Queen was his real father, and the Oliver was his brother. He says that to honor the family he chose, he is renaming the company to Queen Consolidated.

Final Tease: Ben Turner & Tatsu report to Ra's al Ghul, claiming that they set out the bait. Ra's is pleased. He turns and reveals himself as Quentin Lance.

Proposed Cast

Jamey Sheridan as Robert Queen/Green Arrow

Colin Donnell as Tommy Merlyn/Red Arrow

Alex Kingston as Dinah Drake/Black Canary

Colin Salmon as Walter Steele

Jimmy Smits as Ted Grant/Wildcat

Eugene Byrd as Andy Diggle

Byron Mann as Yao-Fei/Deathstroke

Recurring Cast

Matt Nable as The Director

Katrina Law as Nyssa Raatko

Michael Rowe as Floyd Lawton

Willa Holland as Thea Queen

Colton Haynes as Roy Harper/Brother Blood

Bex Taylor-Claus as Cindy/Sister Sin

Celina Jade as Shado

Dustin Clare as Billy Wintergreen

Kelly Hu as China White

David Ramsey as John Diggle

Amaury Nolasco as Ricardo Diaz Jr

Rila Fukushima as Tatsu Yamashiro

Michael Jai White as Ben Turner

Dichen Lachman as Lady Shiva

Chad L Colman as Daniel Brickwell

If you’re still with me, characters like Lyla Michaels, Felicity Smoak, and the Calculator are coming in Season 3.


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