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Rezwan Hussain

Arrow has been an amazing show. To be honest, the show has developed so far with an amazing stability and people does want more of it. The show did suffer a lot in terms of online criticisms over the last two years. If we look back in Season 1 and Season 2 once again, there is less doubt about the criticisms because the show was practically solid back then. I was watching the season 1 finale today and was thinking about writing this article as I was watching it. It was such an amazing plot. There was a sense of emotion, responsibility, drama, action, etc. The finale still makes me cry watching the characters evolve in this comic book show in such a way that it does not seem like a comic book story anymore and feels more realistic.

One of the drawbacks for Arrow was that it lost its footing in the story-line in season 3. The problem is not with introducing Ra's Al Ghul, it was more about incorporating the whole story. If we look at the finale of Season 3 and Season 1, anyone who has not seen the show, will probably point out the season 1 finale to be the latest episode because of the plot line.

There are other comic book heroes introduced into the Arrow-verse and it is fine, but why not keep Arrow the way it was. After season 1, we never went back to the list, there was lesser and lesser emotion, more and more friction. It just does not seem connected to our lives anymore. I don't know what the show has planned for this season and the next, but I sure would love to see it find its foot again, the way it was in Season 1. Such a story, that made me crazy for each episode.


What do you think about whether Arrow can be back to its strength or not?


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