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After Batman v Superman divided fans and critics alike, we're all looking forward to Batman's appearance in Suicide Squad, whether it's a cameo or a larger role.

The trailers reveal glimpses of the caped crusader, and until recently it seemed as though Batman would only appear in flashbacks. But the blitz trailer changed all that, and it definitely looks like Batman will make an appearance in the main story.

So what will he be doing in the present day Suicide Squad scenes? Throwing down with the Joker or scolding Harley Quinn? Actually, it turns out that the Dark Knight might have to contend with another member of Task Force X, if what Will Smith says is anything to go by.

Batman vs. Deadshot: Dawn Of Badassery

Smith dropped some pretty huge hints to Erik Davis (editor of Fandango) about Batman's role in Suicide Squad, and why a certain sharpshooter might make life difficult for DC's greatest detective.

Slightly hesitantly (which is understandable considering the amount of non-disclosure agreements floating around the DCEU), Smith let Davis in on a little Suicide Squad secret:

"I don't know if I'm allowed to give that out but you know, there's a...the Bat does cross my path, and you know, it's not completely pleasant."

Deadshot is a stubborn thorn in Batman's side in the comics, with sharpshooter and caped crusader coming to blows more than once.

Deadshot v Batman in DC Comics
Deadshot v Batman in DC Comics

Deadshot isn't always a villain: In the comics he's a mercenary doing everything he can to protect his estranged family. The first Suicide Squad trailer hinted at Deadshot's family being involved in the plot somehow, probably as part of his backstory.

It could be that Deadshot became an assassin to help his family in some way, before he got caught by Batman and incarcerated in Belle Reve. In fact, it was recently confirmed that Batman did capture the entirety of Task Force X, so it makes sense that Deadshot has a nasty grudge against him.

Will Smith as Deadshot in Suicide Squad
Will Smith as Deadshot in Suicide Squad

If the entirety of the Squad has bad blood with Batman, it's possible the fight won't just be confined to Deadshot — we could see all the criminals in Task Force X battle the Bat! Which would be epic.

Would you like to see Batman fight the whole Squad, or just Deadshot? Let us know in the comments!

[Source: Erik Davis, CinemaBlend]


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