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The beautiful people have gathered again at the 17th Coachella Festival in Indio, California. Party-goers included Taylor Swift, Lorde, Kendall and Kylie, and Hollywood's favorite Oscar-winner, Leonardo DiCaprio. What lovely lady did DiCaprio keep by his side? Pop sensation and overall goddess Rihanna.

Source: Jesse Grant / The Mirror
Source: Jesse Grant / The Mirror

The two were spotted at the Neon Carnival (one of Coachella's most exclusive after parties) on Saturday, Coachella Day 2. While they didn't enter the party together, it wasn't long before Leo was whispering — ok, probably shouting — into Rihanna's ear.

While neither star has officially commented, we can only hope this means one thing: that these two beautiful humans might finally be pairing up to climb to the top of the ship list in 2016.

DiCaprio always keeps his love life relatively low-key — that is, as much as an international movie star possibly can — but there has been speculation since even before Coachella last year that Leo and Riri might be more than just friends.

Neither star has put out an official word on whether or not they're together, but Taylor Swift posted this vid of Rihanna as special guest star at Calvin Harris's performance, and I think it says it all:

The 41-year-old actor and 28-year-old singer first started stirring up gossip when they were spotted together at Nikki Erwin's birthday party at the Playboy Mansion in January 2015.

While there's no hard evidence that the two are anything more than just friends, we can keep dreaming, right?


What name would you use to ship Leo and Rihanna?

Sources: Buzzfeed, The Mirror


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