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Kicking off Season 2 with a good episode, Fear the Walking Dead really ramped things up with an amazing Episode 2, titled "We All Fall Down."

After docking at Catrina Island to lose the high-speed boat trailing them from Episode 1, the group meets the Geary family. The Gearys, with their survivalist attitude, are a shock to the system for some members of the original group, though Chris quickly picks up tips on how to kill walkers from the eldest Geary son Seth. Meanwhile, on board Daniel finds some interesting maps belonging to Strand and we learn that the mysterious skipper has plans to meet up with someone soon. As the episode ended, the realities of this new world were made even more apparent to the group, and no doubt for some their humanity slowly slipped further away. Ahh, they'll be Rick's gang 2.0 before we know it!

But enough of repeating the entire plot of the episode! You know the drill: Take a look at five things you might have missed in Fear the Walking Dead Episode 2, "We All Fall Down."

1. We Learned How Much Of The Country Is Toast

Strand and Daniel read the yacht log.
Strand and Daniel read the yacht log.

Thanks to The Walking Dead, we know that by this stage in the apocalypse Atlanta has been napalmed, as has California. However, in Episode 2 the scope of just how much of the country had fallen was made clear to our group.

After Nick retrieved the yacht log last week, "We All Fall Down" revealed that San Diego had already been burned to the ground by the military. Later, George Geary was able to tell Travis that the military had been using napalm up and down the West Coast to destroy cities including Portland, Seattle and Vancouver. George also told Travis that the Mexican border had been shut down and sealed off. He also told Travis that he had learned that the interior of the country was no better off than the coasts, and that it was likely the entire country west of the Continental Divide had fallen.

2. There Were Some Nice Nods To The Timeline Of The Apocalypse

It's easy to forget, but Fear the Walking Dead is supposed to be taking place in 2010, which is when The Walking Dead began and therefore when the zombie apocalypse started. Redditors A_wild_gold_magicarp and BartMaster1234 cleverly pointed out a couple of nods to the time period that featured in "We All Fall Down."

First up, we saw Harry teaching Nick how to play a game on what looks to be his PSP-2000, a console that was released in the US in 2007. Later on, we heard Alicia listening to "Coxcomb Red" by Songs: Ohia using her iPhone headphones. True to the timeline, Alicia was wearing the Apple earbuds that had a remote and mic. This was the design that was shipped with iPhone 3GS, 4 (which Alicia has) and 4S before Apple swapped to Apple EarPods in 2012 for the iPhone 5.

3. The LONG Awaited Return Of A Walker Child

I know, I know, none of you missed this one, but what you might not have realized was just how long it's been since we've properly seen a child walker.

Willa's death and reanimation in Episode 2 was particularly brutal, given that she ate her own mother, but it was also the fact that child walkers are used so sparingly in The Walking Dead universe that made it such a powerful scene. Last time we saw a child walker was in The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 9 when Sam saw a little boy shortly before he freaked out and was eaten alive. Prior to that the closest sighting was in Season 5, Episode 6 when Daryl and Carol came across child walkers in the temporary housing unit. We never actually saw the zombified child, but later in the episode Daryl burned them out of respect for Carol.

Sam spots a walker child and proceeds to freak out.
Sam spots a walker child and proceeds to freak out.

However, in terms of seeing child walkers that the audience has had some sort of connection to, that was way back in Season 3 with the already-zombified Penny (the Governor's daughter), and prior to that it was Carol's daughter Sophia in Season 2, Episode 7. There was also Summer, the very first walker seen on screen in Season 1, Episode 1.

4. Sad Similarities With 'The Walking Dead'

The most heartbreaking scene in "We All Fall Down" had to have been when Seth is forced to shoot his zombified mother as his younger brother waves goodbye to the group on the boat. While this moment was sad for any viewer, for fans of The Walking Dead, this certainly would have recalled the memorable "look at the flowers" moment between Carol and Lizzie back in Season 4 .

The parallels between these two scenes continue the theme of The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead characters sharing similar sentiments. For example, in FtWD's Season 2, Episode 1, after the death of Chris's mother, Madison tells him, "It doesn't go away. The hurt stays." This was similar to Andrea telling Beth, "The pain doesn't go away, you just make room for it," following the death of her mother Annette in Season 2 of The Walking Dead.

5. The Show Is About Families, But What Type Of Family Does Strand Have?

Fear the Walking Dead is very much a show about families. In the main group we have the blended Clark-Manawa-Ortiz clan as well as the Salazar family, not to mention that in this episode we met the Geary family. So it does seem a little strange then, that among all these family units we have the solitary Strand.

Despite sharing his house, boat and supplies with the group, Strand is yet to really reveal any personal information. Even weirder is the fact that there don't seem to be any personal objects, such as photos, on the boat to give any info away. However, in this episode it was finally revealed that Strand does have "people" when we saw his maps of Mexico, and heard him talking to a mystery person on a satellite phone. But while you could assume that Strand is trying to get to Mexico to regroup with his family, the internet has another theory: Strand might be involved with "the family" rather than a family. That's right, there are a lot of theories floating around that Strand could be a drug runner for a Mexican cartel. This would explain why he's trying to get to Baja, so he can either hide in a compound where he'll be safe, or he can negotiate with the cartel for weapons. It would also explain why Strand took an instant liking to Nick and knew he'd be a help rather than a hinderance.

'Fear the Walking Dead' returns to AMC with 'Ouroboros' on Sunday, April 24.

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