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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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As much as you love Joss Whedon's epic meta-horror Cabin in the Woods, chances are that you won't have noticed one random detail. I recently looked through every single monster in the Cabin in the Woods whiteboard, but this involves looking closer.

Remember the scene when Dana and Marty first arrive in the Facility and realize that they are, in fact, trapped inside one cube in a giant, rotating cube prison filled with unspeakable horrors? Watch closely for the final 10-15 seconds of this video.

If you're a gamer and have the keen eyes of a hawk in hunting season, you may have noticed this big wobbly guy in one of the cage units. If you're super into seminal survival horror shooter Left 4 Dead, you may have realized who this dangerous tub of lard is.

Yup, he's a Boomer.

In Left 4 Dead, the Boomer is a gross enemy who tries to vomit bile into your face to blind you. Cool, huh? Just a little Left 4 Dead nod in Cabin in the Woods — except it doesn't stop there! There are actually...

SIX Left 4 Dead enemies in Cabin in the Woods

1. The Witch

This special infected enemy has the ability to kill or incapacitate instantly.

2. The Smoker

This gross-ass enemy has a super long tongue and ain't afraid to use it.

3. The Tank

By name and nature, the Tank is a juggernaut of a boss and the most powerful infected.

4. The Hunter

He's agile, he's acrobatic, and he wants to claw your face out.

5. The Charger

Charger (a.k.a. Hillbilly, One-arm or Overalls) literally barrels into you like a particularly revolting bowling ball made from two tons of reinforced mutant flesh.

And the Boomer makes six. But, WHY? Why are there so many Left 4 Dead villains in Cabin in the Woods? Well, there is an official — and super interesting — explanation:

The directors originally planned to release Left 4 Dead exclusive DLC that featured the Cabin In The Woods cabin and facility. This idea was eventually scrapped when the company producing the DLC went bankrupt early in the process.

Did you notice the hidden Left 4 Dead references in Cabin in the Woods?

Source: Cabin in the Woods, Youtube, Tumblr


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