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In its opening week, Jon Favreau's The Jungle Book has already swung to the top of the box office, bringing in $103.6 million in North America to claim the second-biggest April debut of all time (only bettered by Furious 7's $147.2 million debut in 2015). The film has clearly won hearts with its beautiful animation and timeless story, but for me it was the attention to one tiny detail that made the film extra brilliant. Did you notice it?

During the film Mowgli is kidnapped by monkeys and brought before King Louie, a giant Gigantopithecus who resembles an orangutan:

However, before Louie reveals himself, the monkeys leave Mowgli in front of all the odds and ends that Louie has collected from humans over the years. Mowgli, never having seen such things, picks one of the items up, a cowbell, and starts rattling it.

You can *just* see cowbell is circled in the image.
You can *just* see cowbell is circled in the image.

While this might have just looked like a curious boy picking up an item to investigate, once King Louie reveals himself and starts speaking, it becomes very apparent that the cowbell was a very intentional detail. Why? Because King Louie is voiced by Christopher Walken! Despite being in some amazing films, Walken is probably best known for the classic Saturday Night Live sketch "More Cowbell."

Awesome, right?

Favreau clearly knew the recipe to success was never to question The Bruce Dickinson, and with the money flowing in at the box office, it truly looks like everyone involved in the film will be wearing gold-plated diapers pretty soon!

Did you notice the cowbell reference in 'The Jungle Book'?


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