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The wild ride of the MCU just got hotter and chrome tinted with the release of an Audi advert offering a glimpse into an action scene from Captain America: Civil War.

The promo released yesterday follows a gripping car chase — involving Bucky, Captain America and Black Panther — that catches up with an unwitting family.

Watch The Thrilling Promo:

The one-and-a-half-minute sequence opens with the Winter Soldier dropping from the sky into the middle of a stream of traffic.

He heads off down the road as T'Challa and Steve Rogers land moments behind him. They sprint off in hot pursuit.

A family of four in a new red Audi SQ7 is innocently cruising up ahead. Dad says:

"Your dad liked a thing I posted. Aaand — he unliked it."

Mom makes appreciative/sympathetic noises. Captain America leaps onto a black Audi, smashing the windshield. It screeches to a halt. He rolls off and bounds inside, kicking off the broken window.

Cut to the calm of the back of the family's Audi. One of the kids is playing with what looks like a Captain America figurine. He complains: "This is boring." The other whines the car-time classic: "When are we gonna get there?"

Bucky races past the speeding car on foot. Mom gasps: "Is this guy crazy?" to which Dad adds admiringly: "Crazy fast."

Captain America whips past with Black Panther clinging on. Dad quips: "Does nobody use a turn signal anymore?" Police cars draw up on either side of the family's vehicle. As things start looking hairy, Mom decides enough is enough.

"Time to take a shortcut."

They turn off and drive safely away. Go, Mom! Then Steve Rogers' car flips under a hail of rubble.

The Cap'n jumps out and runs toward Black Panther, tackling him just before he has a chance to punch floored Bucky. They face each other and the trailer ends.

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Source: Audi via Comic Book


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