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John Collins

Orphan Black is back! In fact, it's a couple of years back. Season 4 premiered April 14th on BBC America, and the internet is still continuously buzzing!

In Season 1, we are introduced to Sarah Manning, who witnesses a woman identical to her,Beth Childs, stepping in front of an oncoming train. Instead of moving forward, "The Collapse of Nature" goes back in time prior to Detective Beth Child's suicide.

Seeing Beth gave us a better feel as to why she committed suicide in the first season. Besides her drug problem, her troubles with her boyfriend Paul and her intimate closeness to her partner Art were also revealed. We also got to see a few other clones in their younger, more innocent days. Alison, whose primary role appears to be handling money for the other clones and supplying Beth with pills, has not yet shot a gun, and Cosima’s biggest concern is finding a place to live while going to college.

Although we witnessed a lot of familiar faces, a mysterious new clone named M.K., ultimately warns Beth that her boyfriend Paul is monitoring her. M.K. is shown to be living in an abandoned trailer, hiding from the Neolutionists. She's very paranoid and although she is helpful to Beth, discretion is important to her when communicating.

Finally, the episode closes in present day with M.K. calling Sarah, now hiding in Iceland, with the warning: “Neolution knows where you are. They’re coming for Kendall Malone….You need to run. Right now.”

The flashback episode was perfect! It was a ballsy move, but it certainly paid off!

The wild ride continues April 21st on BBC America. Take a look at the twisted preview below:


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