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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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What was the greatest horror movie trailer of the year? The Golden Trailer Awards asks just that question, and these are the lucky movies that made the cut for the final five.

Note: The Golden Trailer awards has two categories for horror: best horror trailer and best foreign horror trailer (see here).

1. 'Crimson Peak' (Universal, Buddha Jones)

Trailer: 'House'

While detractors commented that Crimson Peak suffered from a case of style over substance, the level of style here may be enough for many movie connoisseurs.

2. 'Intruders' (Momentum Pictures, Outpost Media)

Trailer: 'Helpless'

When a bunch of thugs break into a severely agoraphobic woman's house, the tables are turned as she proves to be far more dangerous than they could ever be.

3. 'Sinister 2' (Focus Features, mOcean)

Trailer: 'Corruption Redband'

The sequel to the creepiest movie of the decade had a hard act to follow, but this eerie trailer certainly didn't disappoint.

4. 'The Conjuring 2' (New Line Cinema, Buddha Jones)

Trailer: 'Close'

The Conjuring 2 is, like its predecessor, based on a freaky true story, which adds another layer of tension to an already pretty spooky trailer.

5. 'The Witch' (A24, AV Squad)

Trailer: 'Family'

Quite apart from gifting us with nefarious caprine mischief-maker Black Phillip, The Witch provided a fresh, dark take on horror that even scared Stephen King shitless. I could not recommend this film highly enough.

What do you think was the best horror trailer of the year?

Source: Golden Trailer


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