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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Every year, The Golden Trailer Awards assesses the greatest in the world of movie trailers. From superheroes to documentaries to mind-bending horror madness, the GTAs have it all. Check out the 5 movie trailers voted as the best foreign horror trailers of the year.

Note: The Golden Trailer awards has two categories for horror: best foreign horror trailer and best horror trailer (see here).

1. Baskin (IFC Midnight, Zealot)

Country: Turkey

A movie with a lot of brain and heart - mostly splattered all over the floor - Baskin is the most fucked-up horror in recent memory, even causing audience members to walk out during the premiere. Believe the hype.


2. Goodnight Mommy (Radius, Mark Woollen & Associates)

Country: Austria

After being hailed as the 'scariest horror trailer of all time', this bizarro tale of two twins and their creepy post-surgery mother packs a slick, stylish punch you won't forget in a hurry.


3. Paranormal Drive (Ultra Story, Vadzim Khudabets)

Country: Russia

A couple's life starts going all kinds of wrong when their new car seems to be inhabited by a vengeful ghost with a penchant for blood. My Russian buddy - and I'm trusting her to not give me anything filthy here - says 'Выглядит очень круто!'


4. Sweet Home (Vertical Entertainment, Zealot)

Country: Spain

A new apartment brings a whole world of pain in this nerve-shredding horror from the producers of REC. I could only find a copy of this trailer in Spanish, but creepiness transcends linguistic barriers!


5. The Hallow (Entertainment One, Create Advertising London)

Country: UK

A breath of country air turns sinister when this couple realize that they're not alone... A spot of the supernatural grounded in some good old-fashioned psychological scares ensures that the more the characters suffer, the more the audience will enjoy.


What do you think was the best non-US horror trailer of the year?

Source: Golden Trailer, Vimeo, Youtube


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