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FromSoftware's Bloodborne has been a beautiful source of influence for the developer's latest masterpiece. This Playstation exclusive impacted on Dark Souls 3's architecture, bosses, and gameplay speed. But Bloodborne has also changed the series' method of crafting and we couldn't be happier!

Crafting isn't as convoluted as it once was, but it can still be difficult to get the best out of it. Therefore, we thought we'd compile a list of the greatest methods of crafting, the different gems you'll find in the game, and the means for putting them all together beautifully in Dark Souls 3.

'Dark Souls 3' — Crafting Weapons & Armor, Made Easy

That was close.
That was close.

A Note On Stats

As you've probably noticed, your stats are a vital aspect of Dark Souls 3 and how you progress within it. You've probably picked up an amazing sword, tried to use it, and watched as your character pathetically attempted to pick it up from the ground. Stats determine what you can wield and what you're resistant to, but also how efficient you'll be in these two areas.

If you've poured a lot of souls into Dexterity, for example, then a Sharp Gem will provide you extra benefits because it scales the weapon's damage to Dexterity.
- Polygon

With this in mind, let's examine all of the gems within Dark Souls 3 and how they can be used to take your enemies apart.

Gems, Precious Gems

In order to improve your weapons, you'll need to talk to the game's blacksmith, Andre of Astora (who has actually returned from the original Dark Souls). Bring him coal as you find it and he'll be able to level your weapons up higher and higher. In order to level up any weapon or piece of armor in Dark Souls 3, you'll need the following items if you wish to reach its maximum level. They can be found throughout the game and each level contributes additional damage or resistance to your weapon or piece of armor.

But aside from this chart above, you can infuse your weapons with greater powers located within gems. Each gem contains a different power and impacts your gear in a different way. Every boss is weak towards a certain form of attack, so it'd be a good idea to amass a collection of weapons for each weakness. The same goes for armor and protecting yourself from their strengths.

Note: Infusing a weapon with a gem doesn't always have an instant affect. Sometimes the strength of the weapon will depend on your own stats. Keep this in mind when choosing what goes where and when.

Chaos Gem

Essentially, this is a Fire Gem with a bit more kick to it. However, rather than simply granting your weapon the ability to cause fire damage, this gem will also scale with Faith and Intelligence, making it a very enticing option for a caster.

Where you at? A crystal lizard near the beginning of the Demon Ruins area will drop this Gem. Can you catch him?

Heavy Gem

This Heavy Gem is perfect for those who are looking to dominate in Dark Souls 3 by sheer strength. If you love wielding enormous weapons, heavy shields and weighted armor, this item will scale alongside your Strength stat. We recommend you be over Level 20 in Strength before infusing this into a weapon, otherwise its power will actually decrease. Very confusing.

Where you at? The Hawkwood NPC at the Firelink Shrine will gift you one about halfway through the game. You can also kill him, but that's a bit harsh.

Sharp Gem

How you liking that Dexterity stat? Well then you're gonna love this guy! This is a perfect mix for those that enjoy fast melee weapons or the use of bows. Be patient! Let your stats rise before you take the plunge and infuse this to your gear.

Where you at? You'll easily walk past this on your way through the Catacombs of Carthus; you can't miss its beautiful glow.

Crystal Gem

You intelligent fellow, you! The Crystal Gem is best paired with those who've sought the gifts of the mind. Sorcerers will appreciate the impact this Gem will have when paired with their natural intelligence. This is primarily for those who wield staffs and love a bit of magic.

Crystal also adds the magic damage effect as well as protecting its wielder from similar attacks.

Where you at? On the Road of Sacrifices, in a building near the Crystal Sage, you'll uncover this little beauty.

Raw Gem

An item of immense power, this simply increases your weapon's strength. Period. You'll see the stats for any sword or bow shoot up once this is applied. However, it does make you more vulnerable to other forms of attack. Seeing as the Raw Gem is uncovered rather early in the game, it would be advisable to stick with it for a while until you reach Level 20 with Strength, after which you can swap with a better Gem.

Where you at? A crystal lizard in the High Wall of Lothric drops one very early in the game.

Refined Gem

If you aren't particularly fond of the idea of focusing on one stat to increase, then this could be the Gem for you. The Refined Gem works well with a combination of Dexterity and Strength. While not ideal for starting players, once you hop into your NG+ (which you really should do in all Souls games) this could be a great item.

Where you at? You'll encounter a knight before the entrance to an enormous and beautiful church at the High Wall of Lothric; he'll drop it for you (if you can kill him).

Nice try, Knight.
Nice try, Knight.

Blood Gem

Do you want to make your foes literally bleed? Well, aren't you in luck then! The Blood Gem will infuse your weapon with the bleed effect, which will tear off a huge chunk of health and stamina levels from your foes once you apply the right amount of damage. It's damn satisfying.

However, a lot of enemies in Dark Souls 3 will be immune to the effects of bleeding, especially the larger ones. But if someone decides to invade your game, pull this weapon out and watch them bleed.

Where you at? Near to the Church of Yorshka bonfire, you'll encounter this Blood Gem in a nearby building.

Fire Gem

Does what it says on the tin. Fire will be added to your weapon. HUZZAH! This will grant you a powerful weapon straight away, but know that it won't become more powerful over time. Once the gem has been infused, that's it.

If you attach it to a sword, save that weapon for key moments. For instance, the blob creatures that fall from ceilings will shrink and cower once you strike them with fire.

Where you at? You can actually pick up this Gem at the outset of the game during the character creation screen. Alternatively, Siegward of Catarina in the Undead Settlement will gift you one once you help him destroy the Fire Demon.

Deep Gem

Ah yes, the mysterious Dark damage. The Deep Gem will allow you to inflict this form of pain upon your enemies while simultaneously giving you increased defense against said magic. However, it won't level up, just like the Fire Gem.

Where you at? Deep Gems are rare drops from enemies that you can find within the Irithyll of the Boreal Valley zone.

Such power.
Such power.

Blessed Gem

If you've got Faith, then you've come to worship the right Gem. This material scales beautifully with Dark Souls 3's Faith stat, more than any other in the game, in fact. You can also receive gradual health recovery from it too. If you're the kind of player that enjoys healing yourself over and over, then we've found your perfect match. But be sure to use it a bit later in the game.

Where you at? Find a Giant at the top of a tower in the Cathedral of the Deep. He'll have the Gem close by.

Hollow Gem

You lucky bastard! The Hollow Gem will boost your general Luck by 15. Dayum. For some, this will be an absolute blessing. But, like all great things, this Gem has a catch. You'll need to enlist the help of the Yoel of Londor who is found at the Undead Settlement area, and moves to Firelink Shrine after speaking to him. He has a Hollowing System that you need to take advantage of.

You'll have to actually become hollowed, which was something that always happened upon death in the previous Dark Souls games. This is something that should be avoided for new players. But perhaps it will come calling in your NG+.

Where you at? Enemies in the Road of Sacrifices drop them all the time.

Poison Gem

Poisoning your enemies can be a lot of fun, but much like bleeding, not every enemy is going to actually feel its effects. It's handy for invaders though and it will grant you a significant boost when it comes to poison resistance.

Due to the resistance boost, having an ancillary piece of gear like a shield on standby, infused by a Poison Gem, can be useful when walking through hazardous areas like swamps or sewers. - Polygon

Where you at? Dogs and slugs drop them a lot when you venture through the Farron Keep.

Simple Gem

For the intelligent ones, the Simple Gem is also a dear friend. It grants additional magic damage and a small resistance increase to magic, too. But it also has the added bonus of granting players a degree of FP recovery over time.

Where you at? Right near the beginning of the Irithyll Dungeon area, you'll find one simply laying there. Perfect.

Yhorm the Giant
Yhorm the Giant

How To Make Boss Soul Weapons, Spells & Armor

The final thing we need to cover are the Souls that you gain after defeating a boss in Dark Souls 3. As in every other game, you can simply consume the Souls for thousands of normal souls and then use them to level up your character. However, they can also be used to craft weapons of unusual power. This process is known as:

Soul Transposition

How this works is you'll need to obtain the Transposing Kiln. This is actually dropped by the Curse-Rotted Greatwood (the boss that breaks the ground beneath you and plummets to an underground arena). You'll then need to give the item to Ludleth of Courland, who can be found in the Firelink Shrine sitting on the second throne on the left, above the bonfire.

Hey, Ludleth.
Hey, Ludleth.

Note: Not giving him the Kiln before placing all the lord souls on the other thrones will mean you will not be able to transpose any souls until the next play through. He dies when this happens.

How the transposition process works is simple. Ludleth will have a menu filled with all of the swords and shields in your inventory that can be transposed with one of the Boss Souls you have on you. You'll have to possess the specific weapon or shield and the specific Boss Soul required in order to craft something new. For instance, if you have the Curved Sword and the Soul of the Dancer of the Boreal Valley, you'll be able to craft the Dancer’s Enchanted Swords.

The menu is easy to use and it will show you what weapon you're about to use and what Soul it will be combined with. Keep in mind that some Boss Souls can be used for more than one item. If you use one on a sword you won't be able to make the shield that was potentially also an option.

We wish you luck out there, Ashen One.

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