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Taking one look at the image above is enough to send any diehard fan of Capcom's Resident Evil franchise reeling. Resident Evil 6 was far from a good game. To me, it felt like Capcom conducted an exercise that allowed the development team to include any gameplay idea they desired. The result was a convoluted and messy amalgamation of ideas that too often didn't fit well with one another.

But change is coming. Capcom has heard the laments of Resident Evil's greatest fans and have promised to set things right. While they still desire to ultimately reach a wider audience, the series' survival horror roots are said to return to the fore of Resident Evil 7. But what will this game really need to succeed?

Bring It Back To Life: 4 Things 'Resident Evil 7' Needs To Please Its Fans

Umbrella Corps
Umbrella Corps

1. Smaller Scope

At the moment, the Resident Evil Franchise is attempting to please every kind of gamer you can imagine. We've seen elements of The Last of Us, Call Of Duty, Dead Space and more creep into recent installments in the franchise. It's frustrating for those that recall the taught and terrifying experience of playing the first few games. Capcom needs more focus.

The recent Remaster of the original Resident Evil was remarkably successful when it was released online, managing to sell over 1 million copies at remarkable speed. It's apparent that there is still a market for true survival horror games and we hope that Resident Evil 7 acknowledges that.

2. Less Focus On Co-op/Multiplayer

Capcom is taking the series to unusual places. Umbrella Corps will be the latest release under the Resident Evil name and it's set to be a multiplayer-based survival horror shooter (trying to get those Call Of Duty fans interested in their own guns). This isn't exactly what we imagine when we think of RE, but then I suppose a bit of change over the years is healthy — as we saw with Outbreak.

However, when it comes to Resident Evil 7, which should hopefully focus on a campaign, players desire a more focused and singular experience. Having a friend by your side can substantially decrease the level of terror you're likely to feel while playing. Though we're not against co-op, Capcom needs to fix how it's balanced in Resident Evil. You can't enjoy it on your own anymore without characters mindlessly spouting nonsense at you, completely eliminating all sense of immersion and tension.

Resident Evil
Resident Evil

3. Rebalancing Of Action & Survival

Getting the balance right between stealth and action can be difficult. In my opinion, even the great Shinji Mikami got it wrong with his latest release, The Evil Within. The game scarcely supplied players with ammo and yet it consistently threw them head-first into battles with dozens of enemies.

In recent years, Resident Evil has suffered from the same problem. It can't decide what it wants to be! Far too often we're dropped into an area and expected to take out tons of enemies, whereas we were stealthily trying to sneak through a corridor just a few moments ago. Capcom is torn between the hilarious over-the-top action of Resident Evil 4 and the chilling suspense of the original. This needs to be fixed. And the guns, the whole shooting aspect of RE still needs tweaking.

4. There's Hope In 'Revelations'

As far as Resident Evil spinoffs go, the Resident Evil: Revelations series has been pretty decent. It's demonstrated that Capcom hasn't forgotten how this franchise was born. But they're still not entirely satisfying. They can also become lost in attempting to pander to a whole concoction of gamers. But if Capcom can take what's great about Revelations and infuse Resident Evil 7 with that greatness, we'll be in for something special!

What do you want from the release of 'Resident Evil 7'?


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