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So, as i'm sure most of you are aware, the LEGO Batman movie is set to be released next year, with Will Arnet reprising the role of the blocky caped crusader. Two trailers have already been released, giving us a glimpse at not only the new Batcave, but also the LEGO Justice League. And while that's all very exciting, I can't help but notice a lack of certain Boy Wonder...

So where's Robin?

Thankfully for BatFans (See what I did there?), the Boy Wonder was introduced in a nice long clip shown at CinemaCon 2016, and I personally think it's genius. Unfortunately, there's no footage of it at the moment, but i'll try to paint the picture:

The clip begins with Alfred, voiced by Ralph Fiennes (You'll know him as M in Skyfall and Voldemort in that wizardy film,) lecturing Bruce Wayne on his need to be more responsible. It turns out Bruce Wayne accidentally adopted one Master Grayson at a gala, as he "thought he was being sarcastic." Cut to Grayson (Voiced by Michael Cera, whom you'll know as from Scott Pilgrim vs The World and a bunch of other stuff) quickly discovering the Batcave. The audience is then treated to rather fast montage as Robin rumages through almost every Batman suit, before stumbling upon the "Reggae Batman" suit. Bruce states that he only use it for one mission, but Grayson soon dons the outfit, and, with a little tweaking, we have our Robin.

Oh, and it's next to the Batman Beyond suit. Just saying.


Are you excited for the LEGO Batman movie?


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