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We might have a long time to wait until Steven Universe finally returns to our screens - season 3 is predicted to air in June - but we've got a lot to look forward to. In a recent podcast interview with Comic News Insider, Rebecca Sugar dropped plenty of hints for what we can expect in the new season.

Along with revealing a full musical episode (seven songs in eleven minutes!), Sugar also dropped some tantalising hints about Peridot's first fusion dance. But most exciting of all, it sounds like there's a mysterious celebrity guest star coming to Steven Universe later on in the season!

Steven loves to sing!
Steven loves to sing!

When asked who she'd like to work with in the future, Rebecca Sugar confirmed another guest appearance late in season 3, but she couldn't reveal their identity.

"There's someone coming up, who I did get to work with, but it's not gonna happen until the fall."

Steven Universe has had its share of starry guest actors in the past, to say nothing of the main cast: after all, pop star Estelle voices Garnet.

Garnet in Steven Universe
Garnet in Steven Universe

Unfortunately, it seems as though it will be a long time before we find out who this mystery guest star is, and they'll certainly be joining a legacy of awesome guest stars. Such as....

Nicki Minaj as Sugilite

As a giant of the music industry, Nicki Minaj was a fantastic choice to voice Sugilite, the fusion of Garnet and Amethyst.

Nicki Minaj is Sugilite.
Nicki Minaj is Sugilite.

Rebecca Sugar gushed about Minaj's talents during a 2015 Reddit AMA, describing how happy she was to work with the singer.

"I REALLY wanted Nicki Minaj, I'm a huge fan, I was so happy to work with her on this."

It's hard to imagine anyone else as Sugilite: with her perfect fusion of cute and terrifying, Minaj was the perfect pick for the gigantic juggernaut.

There's another guest star we'd love to see return, and we're sure we haven't seen the last of.

Patti Lupone as Yellow Diamond

As she is such an enigmatic and imposing character, Yellow Diamond's first appearance was eagerly awaited for a long time. When she was finally revealed, in the episode Message Recieved, Yellow Diamond definitely lived up to high expectations, and this was thanks in a large part to her voice actress: the revered musical theatre star Patti Lupone.

Patti Lupone is Yellow Diamond
Patti Lupone is Yellow Diamond

In the podcast interview, Rebecca Sugar talked about how it was "such a dream" to work with Lupone, as the actress is a longtime favourite of hers.

"When we were recording, the ship was destroyed and it said 'by who' and she goes 'it should be by whom'."

It certainly seems as though Lupone is perfect casting for Yellow Diamond! Here's hoping we get to see more from her later on in the show.

Needless to say, there doesn't seem to be any limit to the heights of the quality of voice acting in Steven Universe, and we're super excited to find out exactly who will join the ranks of gem voices later on.

Who would you like to guest star on 'Steven Universe'? Let us know in the comments!

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