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Exciting never before seen Half-Life 2 images have been revealed today. Mind blowing concept art that has remained unseen for over a decade has finally made its way online. From zombie shredding traps to unique building conceptions, this latest find is truly remarkable.

Half-life 2 Raising the Bar, originally published in 2004, is a book that released alongside the Half-Life 2 game — it gives the reader unprecedented access behind the scenes, a look into the real flesh and blood of Half-Life and Half-Life 2.

This brilliantly insightful book tours all the intimate unpublished game details from concept art to developer faux pas — but not all the original content included in the book made it to the press. The publisher cut out certain art concepts that Valve decided they didn’t want to be seen by the public. These images have lain hidden and unappreciated for years — until now.

The Half-Life 2 beta project, a group on the Russian social network site VK, has been able to obtain a pre-release, unedited copy of the book, Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar. They have identified the areas that were cut from the final edition and uploaded that epic content online.

The images are just flat out awesome. Take a look and see how the final design differs from that of the original content designs.

Zombie-Shredding Propeller

Combine Unit

In-Game Building Design

Pre-Release In-Game Footage Still

Combine Mobile Mine

Doctor Breen

New Enemy With Never Before Seen Weapon

It's a thrilling look at some of the behind-the-scenes work that went into building one of the world’s biggest and best video game franchises.

Not only does this give us a look into what might have been, it also takes us on a nice stroll down memory lane. Half-Life games contain within them some of my personal favorite gaming moments.

I have never looked at a crow bar the same way since!

What was your favorite 'Half-Life' moment?

Source: VK


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