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Netflix has agreed to offer audio description tracks for most of its content available in the library, its original content, and the content that will soon feature on the platform in coming times.

Netflix Inc. is a streaming platform for all kinds of people i.e. for kids, adults, and old aged. The US streaming business is one of the most used platforms for streaming purposes but many viewers take it for granted. There was an entertainment and TV life before Netflix and for some of the viewers, it still exists. People stream on websites or an app, or just buy or grab a disc from a mailbox in order to enjoy a movie or TV show. However this convenience is not for the blind people.

There are hundreds and thousands of blind people who love online movies and TV shows irrespective of their eye sight. For such people, there are movies and TV shows that come with audio description tracks however most of the recent popular and hit TV shows and movies did not included them. But it is about to change in the coming times as Netflix takes the charge this time. The streaming giant has agreed upon the terms of a new settlement between advocacy groups for the blind and the company.

It is believed that the terms of new settlement has been signed between Netflix, American Council of the Blind (ACB), Massachusetts based Bay State Council of the Blind (BSCB), and a blind individual. In the settlement, the streaming service provider has agreed to offer more movies, TV shows, and videos to the blind people through its Netflix streaming as well as DVD rental subscriptions. Netflix said to add audio description tracks from now on to make it accessible for the blind people.

Blind people only have the support of audio descriptions if they want to watch a movie or TV show. These are exactly what they sound like usually but with a detailed explanation for people who cannot see. As the name suggests, audio descriptions tracks describe and explain what is actually appearing and happening on the screen. This includes from a scene change to facial expressions and to the personal appearance of a character i.e. if he is wearing a pin striped suit or some superhero costume. The changes in the scene as well as setting will also be described along with everything else which would need explanation to understand a scenario better.

Netflix said to request for the audio description tracks going forward from now in its new contracts with streaming content providers. Furthermore, it will also ‘make reasonable efforts to obtain existing audio description assets’ for the third part content which is already in its library. It will also come up with the audio description tracks for its original content as well.

President of the ACB, Kim Charlson, said that his organization appreciates and applaud the streaming giant for working together that will help in fulfilling the entertainment needs of the blind people. Kim Charlson said that in collaboration with Netflix, both parties can enhance and improve the services it will provide in the future for such people. There is no doubt in the fact that the American culture revolves around movies and television and majority of the citizens are addicted to watching lots of movies and TV shows. The entertainment content lately has become very much accessible through different means and mostly through streaming and home delivery services. Therefore this is done to ensure that the blind community has the access to this content which will eventually integrate them with the modern society.


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