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There isn't long now until Captain America: Civil War shatters the bonds of friendship between the Avengers and breaks the hearts of many fans. Naturally, we can't wait. With an invasion of TV spots dropping hints left and right, the plot for Civil War is becoming clear. In fact, there's a tiny spoiler buried in Entertainment Weekly's coverage of the movie, which explains exactly why Bucky Barnes is on the run — and why Black Panther hates him so much.

[Warning: spoilers ahead!]

Cap is just trying to protect Bucky Barnes.
Cap is just trying to protect Bucky Barnes.

There are many irons in the Civil War fire: you've got the political debate at the heart of the Sokovia Accords, the shifting alliances within the Avengers themselves, Crossbones's return, and a host of other villains to contend with.

Connecting all of this is Bucky Barnes, struggling with his Winter Soldier conditioning and on the run from — someone. We weren't sure exactly who was pursuing Bucky, or why. Until now.

A Vicious Bombing

This is the crux of the matter: Bucky Barnes was framed for a "heinous bombing," and now he's being hunted down through several countries.

Who is Bucky Barnes running from in Civil War?
Who is Bucky Barnes running from in Civil War?

We still don't know the details of the bombing, but it seems as though it could have happened in Wakanda, targeting the royal family. This would explain Black Panther's grudge against the Winter Soldier, which was revealed by EW recently. The magazine hinted that although T'Challa supports the Sokovia Accords and restrictions on superheroes:

"He's breaking a lot of those rules to get revenge on the Winter Soldier for a crime against his family."

This crime has also been described as a "vicious attack," which seems to line up with the bombing for which Bucky was framed.

T'Challa himself gets involved in the Sokovia Accords as part of the oversight committee who judges when the Avengers should act. We still don't know why he was chosen as part of this board, but it could have something to do with the catastrophic incident in an African market, which Scarlet Witch may have caused.

Who Framed Bucky Barnes?

So, who would frame Bucky, and why? That's still a mystery, unfortunately, but there are a couple of likely candidates.

Baron Zemo is the top on our suspect list. This enigmatic villain has family connections to Hydra, and he's out for revenge, according to Joe Russo.

"He’s still similar to what you know of Zemo, a revenge character."

EW describes Zemo as carefully manipulating all the heroes from the negotiating table, goading them into fighting one another. It could be that he also framed Bucky in order to get revenge on Cap for the fall of Hydra. But there's someone else in favor of the Accords who could benefit from Bucky's incarceration...

General Ross in Civil War.
General Ross in Civil War.

General "Thunderbolt" Ross, of The Incredible Hulk fame, is back in Civil War and he's got a lot of beef with the Avengers. He's the one we see in the trailers, introducing the Sokovia Accords, as a reel of the Avengers' collateral damage plays in the background.

Needless to say, he wants the Accords to pass, and what better way to persuade the world to turn against vigilantes than for the Winter Soldier to commit a crime after being liberated from Hydra's control? Essentially, if Ross can prove that Bucky is still dangerous, then that's an excellent trump card to use against the Avengers.

Ross lectures the Avengers.
Ross lectures the Avengers.

Thanks to his decades of assassinations while brainwashed by Hydra, Bucky Barnes has more than his fair share of enemies. And all of them could benefit from framing Bucky for this bombing. Although there's a lot of guesswork still to do to suss out the plot of Civil War, one thing's for certain: Bucky is the key to everything, and the fight for his freedom will be devastating.

Who do you think framed Bucky Barnes? Let us know in the comments!

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