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It's been eight years since Iron Man was first released in 2008. Since then, Marvel Studios strives to make a cinematic universe with a flawless timeline. Today, it has attained a widely valued position in the movie industry and is planning to keep it that way. Currently, we are about to embark on a journey into Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe which starts with the initial release of Captain America: Civil War on April 27, 2016.

What makes the franchise so successful is its successive set of qualities that can be seen being repeated in almost every movie. I'm here to discuss exactly these traits and how they have resulted in some marvelous movies (pun intended)...

1. Action Sequences

That dagger scene though...
That dagger scene though...

First up, some amazing clashes have been witnessed in the MCU. My personal favorite is the street fight between Bucky and Steve in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Both, the fights in the movies and the series have equally proven their worth time to time. Daredevil (TV Series) has given hand-to-hand combat a new height by introducing mixed fighting styles of boxing with Ninjutsu, Judo, Kung Fu and wrestling. Whereas in movies, adding sci-fi in the mix gives more potentiality to the sequences.

2. Casting

Jeremy here seems to like him.
Jeremy here seems to like him.

I doubt that the Marvel bosses have ever miscasted an actor. Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man and Tom Hiddleston as Loki are examples of perfect adaptations of character (I haven't seen Civil War yet but Tom Holland nails it as Spider-man according to reviewers). With the expansion of the universe, furthermore esteemed actors like Benedict Cumberbatch, portraying Doctor Strange, are adding in.

3. Stan Lee Cameos and Post-Credit Scenes

...or misses a cameo.
...or misses a cameo.

Two amusing things that have remained consistent in each MCU movie are Stan Lee cameos and post-credit scenes. Stan Lee, best known as the Executive Producer at Marvel Studios, appears in every single MCU movie taking on different roles each time. He has cameo-ed in a total of 23 movies and has earned $14,314,541,930 at the Worldwide Box Office. Fans always keep an eye out for his memorable appearances.

A true Marvel fan knows that one should never walk out of the theater before the credits end. Every MCU movie has one or more post-credit scenes that usually teases an upcoming movie or are just there for fun. Ant-man introduced Marvel's first pre-title scene too alongside the after-credit clip.

4. Movie Interconnections and Never Ending Story-line

In my opinion, the best part of it is that everything is the part of one single universe. Every incident occurred in the movies is interconnected which opens the door to countless references and Easter eggs. This gives the viewers a certain path or direction to proceed. I generally distaste the idea of multiple universes and timelines as it negates the likelihood of apprehending a single thing. The story-line too doesn't seem to be ending soon so it's like watching chronological parts of a really long movie. Though the series and the movies haven't merged yet, a lot of references are there suggesting a shared world.

5. Unexpected Puns

Marvel Studios has given us tons of laughter in its movies. The sudden unexpected puns that we see in somewhat serious situations is its specialty. So far the job of lightening the environment has been done perfectly by them. We, as humans, can change our emotions instantly depending upon the situation and I think using this to give the audience an unanticipated surprise is brilliant.

6. Growth Of Superhero Genre

I don't think these movies are going to end any time soon and this is partly due to the increasing popularity of the superhero genre. Around 30 superhero movies are to be released in the next five years. People have gained interest in them more than ever as every studio explores different genres in them. It's true that this rise in interest is mostly due to some very successful superhero movies in the past decade and this has lead to the demand for more.

These are the major reasons for the success of the franchise in my view.

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