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A great deal went down in Season 5 that you may have overlooked. To invigorate your memory, here's a spoiler-substantial recap on where all the major and minor characters left off, in addition to all the fan speculations, expectations and over the top trailer unraveling to give you a thought of what's in store for Season 6. Numerous scholarly spoilers tail; you've been cautioned!

So is Jon Snow dead?

We as a whole know Jon Snow "passed on," as everybody from Kit Harington to co-maker Dan Weiss have over and again affirmed. We saw Olly and Jon's Night's Watch siblings cut him over and over before he tumbled to the ground with blood depleting out of him.

Be that as it may, "dead will be dead" doesn't mean gone for good, as HBO has so teasingly uncovered from that trolling notice to the trailers. In spite of the fact that Harington's demanded he'll just be playing a carcass, he revealed he'll show up in numerous scenes, and Thrones isn't going to gaze at an unmoving body for various weeks. Taking into account a released set photograph that discovers Harington in Stark protection, we can just accept Jon will be genuinely versatile and life-like this season, and uh, possibly battling in fight. So the inquiry remains, in what capacity will he return?

The most prominent hypothesis begins with Melisandre, foreseeing the Red Priestess will utilize the enchantment of her Lord of the Light, R'hllor, to breath life into Jon back. This could happen (or being to happen) in the debut scene, which is titled "The Red Woman." We know this is conceivable since Thoros of Myr restored Beric Dondarrion six times utilizing the force of the Red God, and we know Melisandre is back at the Wall this season. If not great old Melly, different speculations foresee Jon could warg into his direwolf Ghost, that Jon will turn into a White Walker (exceptionally question it), or that Bran will warg into Jon, as Vanity Fair predicts. Then again maybe it will be a mix of those, as Winter is Coming recommends. We don't know how precisely it will all go down, yet in view of a few bits of gossip we can hope to see Jon, dead, alive, or restored, rejoining with Sansa to stop for a moment to talk with Ramsay and Littlefinger at Winterfell.

What about Sansa?

The eldest Stark girl persevered through her most noticeably awful season yet a year ago. Compelled to wed Ramsay and afterward assaulted in the arrangement's most questionable scene, Sansa at long last got away catch by hopping from the dividers of Winterfell with Theon. We know they both survived that fall in light of trailer footage indicating them going through the cold woods. Be that as it may, who are they running from? Our own particular Kevin Fitzpatrick predicts Sansa is running from Bolton warriors in those shots who Brienne may likewise be battling. Maybe Brienne at last makes up for lost time with Sansa to satisfy her promise to Catelyn Stark. We can anticipate that Sansa will escape from Ramsay for some time, yet as said above she'll go head to head with him later on in the season. Jon Snow won't be the main partner on her side.

As Vanity Fair saw by sewing together footage in the most recent trailer with an old shot of Sansa, Davos will be joining Stark young lady's side. The scene demonstrates both of them examining military strategies, which we'll see happen as expected in Episode 9.

So Arya blind or not ?

Arya at long last got the chance to check a name off her slaughter list last season, however that left her with some substantial discipline. Camouflaging herself with a face from the House of Black and White, Arya snuck into a massage parlor to get revenge against Meryn Trant, the man who (as far as anyone knows) murdered her sword educator Syrio Forel. In the wake of cutting him in the eyes and cutting his throat, Arya came back to the House of Black and White to discover Jaqen wearing a cluster of countenances. Be that as it may, Jaqen (or whoever was under every one of those countenances) told Arya she had killed a man why should hers murder, hence subjecting her to visual impairment as discipline.

Be that as it may, will she stay dazzle until the end of time? Presumably not. In the books Arya's visual deficiency is a piece of her preparation instead of a discipline, so the show might be consolidating those this season as Arya figures out how to end up a professional killer. Maisie Williams is demonstrated doing some insane flips in the new trailer, so at any rate we can expect more activity and (ideally) less cleaning dead bodies this year.

Bran is back !!

After a season-long rest, Bran is at last coming back to Game of Thrones. The last time we saw him was toward the end of Season 4 when he headed out to meet the Three-Eyed Raven with Hodor, Jojen and Meera Reed. Jojen was killed in an assault by wights, yet the arrangement likewise included the third time Bran warged into (Hodor!). From that point forward, the Stark kid has obviously been caught up with preparing with the Raven, who has been recast this year with Max von Sydow. Wheat's Greensight is likely much more grounded now, which will probably clarify the most stunning piece of Season 6 footage up to this point: Bran hanging out with the Night's King.

The Night's King showed up in Season 4 when he touched a finger to one of Craster's children, turning the youngster's eyes a frosty blue. He showed up again in "Hardhome" last season for an epic gaze off with Jon Snow. In the arrangement's March Madness trailer, the Night's King is seen getting Bran's arm, which likely made them blow a gasket. Be that as it may, don't stress just yet. Taking into account the truth Bran is remaining in this scene it's reasonable a dream and not really happening. Yet Bran's dreams are certain to be probably the most energizing parts of Season 6. Notwithstanding this current Night's King vision, fans can hope to at last get a gander at one exceedingly expected succession with a youthful Ned Stark.

We will get to see Iron Island.

Keep in mind the Iron Islands? Session of Thrones overlooked Theron's country as much as surrendered poor Gendry. Be that as it may, the show is at long last making a beeline for the place where there is House Greyjoy to acquaint us with another character, Theon's uncle, Euron Greyjoy played by Pilou Asbæk. In the books, Euron comes back to the Iron Islands not long after the passing of his sibling Balon, Theon's dad and the head of House Greyjoy, who tumbled from a restricted extension. By the looks of a shot in the primary Season 6 trailer that discovers Euron on a swinging extension, the show may very well affirm a fan hypothesis about who murdered Balon. Get prepared for some genuine force battles to go down this season as the Kingsmoot commences to announce another Greyjoy ruler. Gracious, and Yara will evidently be making out with exposed ladies.

Cersei is back in form....

The Queen Mother had one of the harshest disciplines of all in "Mother's Mercy." After being detained for her forbidden undertaking with Lancel, she was stripped down and compelled to cross the Sept of Baelor exposed, violently disgraced by the nationals of King's Landing, in addition to that damn disgrace religious recluse with her disgrace chime. The previous Queen Regent got a noteworthy hit to her self image and status with the ascent of the Faith Militant last season, however this is Cersei, and she's ricocheting right once more into her fiendish behavior.

In light of what we know from the books, Cersei will pick a trial by battle for her blamed violations. What's more, in the event that you overlooked, Cersei has a serious warrior to battle for her. Toward the end of Cersei's walk last season, Qyburn acquainted her with the "most up to date individual from the Kingsguard," a knight happy in gold shield who's taken a pledge of quiet until he murders the greater part of Cersei's foes. The show has yet to give that warrior a name, yet in the books he's known as Ser Robert Strong. Fans trust Strong is the restored body of The Mountain, who in the wake of being harmed in Tyrion's trial by battle in Season 4, was investigated with Qyburn's unconventional ways. So on the off chance that this new Kingsguard solider battles for Cersei, who will he be fighting…

Dany is in trouble, maybe...

Last season discovered Daenerys attempting to keep request in Meereen. After the defiance of the Sons of the Harpy, which left Ser Barristan Selmy dead and Gray Worm harmed, Daenerys at long last met Tyrion in the battling pits. After an assault by the Harpy, Drogon appeared to spit some flame and hotshot his wings, taking off with The Mother of Dragons on his back. After they arrive in an obscure area, Dany gets herself sees a gathering of Dothraki officers drawing nearer and rapidly drops her ring to abandon a trail her.

In light of the Season 6 trailer, we know Jorah, who's still contaminated with Grayscale, and Daario will discover Dany's ring in the grass. Whatever anticipates the Khaleesi is anybody's best figure, yet we can trust that her Drogon will swoop into bail her out.

Game of Thrones Season 6 premieres on HBO on Sunday, April 24 at 10:00 p.m. ET.

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