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"Almost ten years ago, the world first learned of the existence of mutants... but what if the first mutant actually appeared thousands of years ago?"

The premise might be familiar, but this new viral video reimagines the tale of En Sabah Nur by promoting a fake retro TV documentary about the birth and the rise and fall of the most powerful mutant who ever lived.

Needless to say, it's pretty cool. Check it out below.

The teaser layers footage of carnage underneath a voiceover from the legendary George Takei telling of how Apocalypse "crushed entire civilisations from existence", before posing the question of how the villain could simply vanish.

One of the big mysteries of Apocalypse's back story is when and why he entered his centuries-long sleep state - and why he wakes up from it in 1983, just in time to find a world he despises at first sight.

Ancient God, ancient symbol
Ancient God, ancient symbol

The camera pans teasingly around Apocalypse's symbol, drawn onto rock and adorned on all sides by markings of the Four Horsemen, the narrator asks: "Does this symbol hold the key to unlocking secrets long buried beneath the Egyptian sands?"

Bryan Singer, in the director's chair again for [X-Men: Apocalypse](tag:1194267) after the excellent Days of Future Past, describes the titular big bad as "a much more mythic kind of villain" in an interview with Empire Magazine - so it's a pretty safe bet that the mythology of the ancient mutantkind will come back around to play into the present-day narrative in some way. Could there be more to En Sabah Nur's backstory than we've been lead to believe?

Alexandra Shipp, who plays Storm, explains that the promise of acceptance is what draws her to the side of Apocalypse.

"[This] take on Storm comes from a completely different emotional state. When you're 18 and just settling into your hormones [and] Apocalypse says "I am what you are looking for. You will be the Goddess you deserve to be", that clicks for her.

It's pretty interesting to note that Apocalypse goes for genuine tactics of persuasion, rather than his actual superpowers (such as telepathy), to get his Four Horsemen fighting against their fellow mutants.

Can there really be any redemption, though, for Magneto, Storm, Psylocke and Archangel, after such a betrayal? We'll find out on May 27 when Apocalypse finally brings a little ancient mythology to modern America.

Did you spot any easter eggs in this awesome teaser?


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