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With [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) about to be released, only small bits from the film have been seen in trailers and television spots. Reviews from the premiere have hailed it as one of the best - if not the best - Marvel movie to date. Most likely the movie will be amazing and the plot will be satisfying to the general audience and die-hard fans. In preparation for the film's release, I did some digging through the comic storyline and watched the trailers on repeat for quite a while (I did that anyway, I loved the trailer). So here are 10 plot predictions for Captain America: Civil War.

1. Hydra are Still Controlling Bucky... for a while.

This shot from the trailer shows Bucky still hooked up to a machine and with the Winter Soldier facemask. It is possible that during part of the movie he is still under the control of Hydra. It's been known for a while that Bucky committed many crimes while under the control of Hydra programming. This would easily explain why we see the clip in the trailer where he tries to shoot Tony Stark.

Take a look at the scene below:

Bucky is seemingly attacking a location where Tony, Natasha Romanoff, and Sharon Carter. While he is not dressed in his usually outfit of the Winter Soldier, it could be that he is still suffering from the programming of Hydra and carrying out their orders.

2. Vision Shoots Rhodey

I'm sure we all have seen the trailer and know the clip where War Machine (Or Iron Patriot) get shot out of the sky. The trailer is edited to where it seems that Bucky is the one who shot him down. However, the scene shows an energy blast that look more similar to the Vision's energy from the Mind Gem. This, of course, would be Vision changing sides.

This is very possible in the film, as Vision would be distrustful of the government control. Shooting Rhodey out of the sky would be the ultimate betrayal to Tony. Vision walks a fine line and where he does believe that they should be regulated, they should not be controlled.

3. Red Skull Lives? Not Baron Zemo...

Most recently we have been treated to seeing Daniel Bruhl as Baron Zemo. At one point it was speculated that during a scene in the trailer, a body in a yellow tinted container was actually Baron Zemo.

So if Bucky is in the background, Captain is fighting, and Baron Zemo has already been revealed to be walking about... this mysterious man has to be someone else. One such theory is that Red Skull actually survived the events of Captain America: The First Avenger. If Hydra does have the abilities to keep people alive and contain them, it is very possible that they would have Red Skull in this container.

4. Enter Black Panther

The look we have seen of Black Panther so far has been awesome. He has the vibranium suit and amazing skills. It is implied in the trailer that a conference or meeting he attends is sabotaged and he is caught in the blast. This would be the motivation to get involved and track down the one responsible.

Black Panther would be a more middle of the ground character. He wouldn't exactly care about if the Avengers are regulated or not, he would only want justice against the one responsible for the attack. Of course, if Captain America defends Bucky and Bucky is the one who committed the crime, Black Panther would work with Iron Man.

5. Hawkeye Dies

This is a plausible plot point. All of Age of Ultron was implying that he would die and that going into one last fight would be the end.

Hawkeye would be a likely candidate since he hasn't really been seen in the trailers much. Black Widow or Vision may end up taking his life. There is even a shot in the trailer where we see Hawkeye lying on the ground, seemingly dead, although he could just be unconscious. We'll find out when the film comes out if Hawkeye can make it through the battle again.

6. Black Widow is a Double Agent

Most of the trailers and advertising have portrayed Black Widow to be on Team Iron Man. However, the reason why is unclear. She has never been close to Tony or agreed with his views.

In one clip, she warns Tony to watch his back. It is very possible that she will either flips sides or show that she is actually on Team Captain America. She has a closer relationship to Captain America and is also good friends with Hawkeye. To be at odds with two of her friends would cause her to change alliances, especially if Hawkeye ends up dying.

7. Captain America Will Be Responsible for Many Deaths

Some speculation is that Crossbones will actual be an early fight in the film. This could easily be how Crossbones is taken in early on in the film, only to show up later. The event of Crossbones and Captain America fighting could be what leads to the meeting to discuss the Sokovia Accords.

The fights are in a densely populated area and Captain would be responsible for not taking the fight away from civilians. This would easily have Captain be portrayed as irresponsible and that the heroes would need to be regulated. Of course, Crossbones could show up later as well...

8. Crossbones Kills Captain America

Crossbones has a grudge against Captain America and wants to take him down. If they fight early on in the film, it would lead to Crossbones wanting revenge.

In the comics, Crossbones is out of prison and he assassinates Captain America while leaving a courthouse. If the course of Civil War is that Captain America eventually turns himself in or is taken in, Crossbones may break out of prison and we would get the scene from the comics where Crossbones kills Captain America. This is possibly the most plausible scenario, as Chris Evans has stated he may be through by 2017 and he currently is only slated to star in Civil War and not any future Marvel movies.

9. Spiderman is the Pivotal Character

"Underroos" is an important character in the comics and he looks to be vital to the film as well. The comics have him as being under Tony's wing and is convinced to reveal his identity to further their cause. This leads to the Iron Spider costume, but also to many events that lead Spiderman to changing sides and joining Captain America.

The film is focusing on a younger Spiderman, so most likely they won't reveal his identity to the public since he already has his own movie planned and he will still be in high school/college. However, Spiderman has over 30 minutes of screen time, so he will be an important aspect to the film. Perhaps he will leave Iron Man after a difference of opinions and join Captain America.

10. The After Credits Scene Will Be Thanos... Again.

The Infinity War is fast approaching and something has to tease the eventually two part movie. Thanos is the main villain and he desires the complete Infinity Gauntlet. The Vision is in possession of the Mind Gem, which gives him many, if not all, of his powers. Thanos does not know where each gem is, but an event may occur that he is able to sense the gem...

Vision himself was created by the Mind Gem and Scarlet Witch was given her powers by the Mind Gem as well as part of an experiment by Hydra. With such a large amount of power being expended by forces of the Mind Gem, it will most likely draw the attention of Thanos. In this case, it would be perfect to have the events of Civil War not only affect the state of Earth, but also affect the galaxy by having so much power expended at once.

Sound off in the comments below with any theories or discussions.

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters on May 6, 2016.


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